Samsung Smart TV App?

The new activity in this thread has caught my attention!

I have a 2016 UN40KU6290 but don’t see a Tablo app in the app store on my TV. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?


I see the Tablo App in my 2016 Samsung Smart TV. However, it doesn’t appear on my 2017. Any idea when that will be available?

I saw tablo app in Samsung App Store. Install it and seems working. But after I turn off tv and turn back on. The App does not run, display a black sceeen. My tv is latest mu8000 model.

I have a similar Samsung from last year. The tablo app works but I found it to be sluggish and I use a roku instead…

Same here. Tried the app, seemed like the picture quality is better, but it was very sluggish compared to viewing on Chromecast. Sluggish, as in it would paise to buffer every 20-25 seconds

FYI - there’s now a Tablo app for Samsung Smart TVs:

I’m so ready for the 3.0 standard because it means a NEW TV and a NEW Tablo box. Other than that it will be great. OH YA I just bought a new 65" Samsung for $1800.

This is still not available for 2018 Samsung models, specifically N5300 (UN32N5300AF).

Interesting. I have it on my Samsung Tizen smart TV. I searched for Tablo to find it. Are you in the US?

No, it does not show up. (I am in the US.) Tablo support told me about six weeks ago that it was not yet available on this model. It apparently uses a newer version of the Tizen operating system.

I will confirm atacree’s findings and I created a seperate post about this last weekend. I am in the US and have a UN8000 series TV. No dice…

I am not seeing a reply to all the questions about when will an updated app become available to allow for pausing Live TV on Samsung smart televisions that do NOT run the Tizen OS.
My TV is the QN65Q7CDM model
Current TV software version is 1270 (latest)
Tablo app is version 1.3.1 updates 10/31/19

But it still does not work to pause LiveTV!!!

Very Frustrated - Been waiting for well over a year for this to be corrected.

I would like to know this as well. I asked about a month ago, but did not receive a reply.

If your Samsung TV doesn’t run TIZEN, there shouldn’t be a Tablo app for it.

We have updated 2018 and 2019 models but we’re still waiting for Samsung to approve the update for 2017 models.

We have updated 2018 and 2019 models but we’re still waiting for Samsung to approve the update for 2017 models.

Are there any updates as to when this might occur?

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Sorry… we don’t get much info from them on this. :frowning:

Just got a new Quad Tablo but with 2 Samsung 2017 TVs this missing feature to pause live TV makes it a no go. Is there a timeline for this support? This is very important for pretty much all our sports and a big miss by Tablo for the most popular TVs out there. I may go back groveling to TiVo :frowning:

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Why not get a Roku/Fire TV/etc. to use Tablo with vs going back to TiVo?

I have seen a lot of update announcements in the last week. Might we see one soon for the 2017 model Samsung televisions?

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Samsung app appears to be working fine for me. No commercial skip. But otherwise, great.


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