Roku Stick+ or Roku Premiere+ What's best for tabloTv?

What is your experience, or what do Tablo people recommend? Roku Stick+ or Roku Premiere+ What’s best for TabloTv? In Canada the are the same price at the moment.
Roku Premiere+ has Ethernet cable. The box itself is bigger. Is it more powerful that the Stick+ as far as
processing and steaming?

Where are they the same price?

“In October 2017, Roku introduced its sixth generation of products. The updates included the dropping of the Premiere and Premiere+ models, the introduction of the Streaming Stick+ (with an enhanced Wi-Fi antenna device)”.

Both have same CPU and RAM. Premiere+ has “Advanced point-anywhere remote with headphone jack for private listening”. The Premiere+ also “… includes IR receiver, compatible with various universal remote”.

Steaming Stick+ has a “Voice remote with TV power and volume buttons”. So no headphone jack.

For the price: I found and bought the Premiere+ at Staples and the Streaming Stick+ at

Are you suggesting the Premiere series is going out of their line of product?
Thank you for your reply.

The Premiere+ is a discontinued model. I bought it for $44.99 CAD brand new from The Source in the summer this year. Seee thread below. So paying $79.99 or $89.99 is definitely over paying.

You can’t go wrong with either. I have the old Roku stick, the Roku Express, and the Roku Premiere +, and they all perform very well with the Tablo.

I agree - but I’d pick based on my remote needs.

Thank you for the information. I guess it depends on the remote needs, like you say. I will stick to the Premiere+ with the Ethernet cable for the main TV, and I’ll get a Stick+ for the secondary one.

I agree I do like the Ethernet cable option. But if you don’t need the headphone jack on the remote for private listening then I like the Streaming Stick+ instead just for the fact it comes with the only Roku remote that can turn on and off your TV. Plus you can enjoy private listening with any Roku using your smartphone and the Roku app on it.

“ No more juggling remotes

Put down your TV remote. With our new voice remote, you can power up and change volume on most televisions, control your player, plus use your voice to find your favorite shows across top channels.”

Have you ever experienced long waits for channel loading on your Roku Stick or Express? On my Roku 3, I had to load with an SD card to avoid this (took a long time to load channels). I’ve pre-ordered two of the new Premiere boxes based on price-to-spec ratio alone. Hope they’ll suffice?

either one would work, but you should opt for an ethernet connection if one is available. The older Roku Premiere+ box (not the curent stick) works great on ethernet. Check ebay.

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I’ve had great success (and results) with my Wifi (mesh), as far as connection, speed, etc. Never any buffering. My only problem with Roku has been when I used the Roku 3, it would take a long time to load channels … and I’d get that message encouraging me to load an SD card (which I did). Once done, no more wait for channels to load BUT - no card slot on the new Premieres. That’s my concern.

Something that isn’t well advertised is that to deal with the finite storage space on devices, Roku will actually ‘background delete’ some of the apps (which they call channels) you use less often. The icon stays on the home screen, but when you click on a ‘background deleted’ app it will actually re-download before launching. That can lead to slower response times.

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Roku 3 is an older model, go to wikipedia and look up roku, you can see which models have which processors. If I recall correctly the old Premiere+ had the same processor as the Ultra but was just missing some of the additional Ultra features. You might even be able to find an Ultra on ebay, they have a SD card slot to add more onboard storage.

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I replaced the Roku 3 with an Ultra about a year or year & a half ago. My point is, that with the Roku 3, there was a lot of wait time, when switching channels - until I installed an SD card. The other part of my point, was in wondering if I’d have the same problem with the new Roku Premier.

I guess that’s why I’m a bit reticent to take advantage of the great price point of the new Premiere product. I’ve got two rooms / TVs that could benefit from a Roku so I hastily pre-ordered a couple of the new 4K Premieres. As soon as I noticed the lack of card slot, that’s when I began to wonder.

The Rokus (3 and prior) were low on memory and thus needed the additional SD card to store channel information (especially when people began to add a lot more channels to their repertoire). If the new Rokus have more memory than the old ones, perhaps Amazon feels there is no need for the SD cards since most of the channel data will be stored inside the player’s internal memory.

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Perhaps they’ve upgraded that (internal) aspect as well. I had about 50 or 60 channels / apps by the time I retired that (Roku 3) device.

The Roku Premiere+ has the microSD card slot. The Plus also has the wired ethernet port.

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The Roku Premiere+ you speak of with the Micro SD slot has been discontinued.

The new Roku Premiere+ doesn’t have a Micro SD slot, albeit it shouldn’t have any issues with being slow. Same CPU and RAM as the Ultra.

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