Roku remote for Tablo

There are several editions of Roku remotes based on sponsorship. Example: One touch keys for Sling, Netflix, Hulu, and Starz. Is there any possibility we could get a special edition remote that includesTablo? Tablo could sell them or we could even have a Kickstarter type event to raise the money to get these special edition remotes. I think many of us would like that one click access to our tablo.

Harmony remotes replace all my other remotes. You can set it up to click Tablo each time it starts.

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These companies pay Roku money to have dedicated buttons on the remote, and there just isn’t a reason for the Tablo folks to do so with such a limited customer base. Probably 90% or more of Roku users have Netflix, while maybe 1% have a Tablo.

@Max has the best solution, and that is get a Harmony remote and make Tablo launch each time (if that is what you need).

That’s why I called it a “Sponsorship”. I don’t expect Tablo to do this out of pocket but rather if they could find out what the cost is then they could have a special run made and sell them to us with a reasonable profit. Perhaps even require a minimum pre-order target to make sure there is enough interest.

I don’t really want another type of remote. What I love about Tablo is that it’s nice and simple. It integrates perfectly. I’m the only technophile in the house. Every time I automate something or add something I have to teach everyone else how to use it.

That being said I already have one touch buttons on my phone to start my TV and turn on the Tablo. My phone uses a combination of IR blasting and the Roku api. It uses the API to ask if the TV is on. If it isn’t it attempt to wake the TV using wake on lan and the api. That doesn’t always work. If the TV still isn’t on it sends an IR blast to turn it on. If that step is successful it uses the API to open the Tablo app. It can do all that from a widget without opening any app.

What about an attachment to your current remote?

I wouldn’t expect Tablo (or people from a crowd-sourcing effort) to shell out the money to add a dedicated button, when there are other free or low cost options.

I don’t think the Sideclick can do one button access to the Tablo.

Nope, I don’t think it can either. But if your TV supports it, you could enable CEC (or whatever your TV calls it). That would shortcut things a bit.
For example, my fire TV and LG TV have CEC enabled. To turn on the TV (and go to the fire TV menu) I just hit the center button on my fire TV remote. I usually leave the Tablo app highlighted when I shut off my TV. That means after everything fires up, I just need to hit the center button again and I go into Tablo.
For what it’s worth, I tried a sideclick and hated it, it made the remote way too wide. I use an add on for my fire TV remote that replaces the back cover and does the basic TV functions.

I’ve been thinking it looks uncomfortable in the hand. I think it’s a great idea. I just don’t think the execution was right.

Agreed. I was a kickstarter backer as the concept seemed very good. Very disappointed (and Ebayed) the thing shortly after getting it.

Yeah I almost backed the kickstarter but started to notice the prototypes getting wider and wider and then they added the universal clip which added more width and then switched it to a AAA battery instead of the original smaller types… It was just too much.

Yeah, you’re right, the learning aspect of it is limited to basic remotes, not Roku commands.

I guess the easiest one-click option is a harmony remote.

I see a lot of talk about the Harmony remote. It’s not my ideal solution but given the multiple references I have seen in the forums is there a specific model anyone recommends?

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I’d get the harmony ultimate, it often goes on deep sales. It’s almost as good as the elite, but for a fraction of the cost.

Then you can create a “Watch Roku” action to watch just roku. Or a “Watch Tablo” action, to have the roku automatically tune to the Tablo. With 1 click of a button, you’re in the tablo.

If you don’t care for your remote to have a screen, you can get the logitech smart control. From your phone you’d setup the same 1-press Roku and 1-press Tablo feature set and map them to certain buttons on the remote.

Personally, if I’m using an all-in-one remote, I prefer the screen. It helps. If you didn’t map a certain button, you can just go to that device on the screen and scroll through ALL the buttons available and click it. Otherwise, you’d need to dig up the old remote or find a different way of doing it.

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The 650 is only 39 bucks and it’s fantastic. I recently bought one and am now using it for (1) Toshiba Edition Fire TV (2) Channel Master Stream + (3) Bowers & Wilkins sound bar (4) A/V system (5) 4K Blu ray player

For twenty bucks more, you can get the full Harmony Smart Control system, which enables full (and editable) use of devices with your smart phone (Android, ios, both work).

Personally, I prefer not having to dig out a phone, launch an app and then control my device(s), but for others this is a decided benefit. What I love most about Harmony remotes, is that you don’t have to go jerking around with three-digit codes for specific devices, etc.

Download the app to your PC or laptop, plug the remote into a USB port, enter the make and model of your device and Harmony loads it up for you, syncs and you’re done. This is the thing I love most about Harmony remotes.


I can already control virtually everything I own with my phone. I have a RF/IR blaster that works with Tasker. I’ve created widgets so I don’t even have to open an app.

Isn’t the 650 IR only? Most Rokus are RF

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Rokus will support IR as well, though you have to place it so that your Harmony can see it.


Correct. When you config the Roku in the Harmony app, you’ll get a “warning” about the difference, but configs, nonetheless. On my 650, in addition to up / down, left / right, Home button, Channel store, etc., it has shortcuts for PlayStation Vue, Crackle, Hulu, Pandora and a bunch of others … many of which, ironically, my Roku remote does not.

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Learned something new.

My Roku2 doesn’t respond to the remote for my Roku TV(IR). Maybe that one doesn’t do IR or maybe the TCL IR remotes just aren’t compatible for another reason.

I think wireless Roku remotes use BT 2.4ghz for remote commands. The BT protocol requires pairing and I don’t believe you can’t just copy the commands. Are any of the Harmony remotes able to control a Roku via wireless?