Roku Live TV Program Guide

I love the Tablo!  Your ipad app is very slick!  Very impressed with the high quality video.  Is there any way to view the Live TV program Guide on the Roku (on the big TV) like I can see on the app?  When I select Live TV on the app it just shows me a list of channels and what is on right now.  I cannot look ahead (no grid like on the ipad app)
If not, will that be added?  would be really nice.

We’re working on making a ‘grid’ view similar to the other apps within Roku. Stay tuned.

Excellent.  Thanks for the prompt response.  Having great support like this IMO greatly increases the value of your (awesome) product.  Keep up the great work!

This is a must have for me too!

@klem - Aww thanks! We try to be the kind of company we’d like to deal with ourselves! 

OMG YES, I agree the interface must be as good on the ROKU as the tablet.  I don’t know what percentage of people view TV on an actual TV versus a tablet but I am sure it is high.  When I just noticed how great the tablet interface looked compared with what I was looking at on the ROKU I immediately got bummed out and went this area of the forum.  Obviously, getting people up and running is going to be top priority, but again I agree totally with Kiem and appreciate the TABLO response.

Agreed on this tab also then get manual recording for weird things like football running over

@PVRman - Add recording time for sports & specials (like the Oscars) is also on the ‘to-do’ list. 

I clocked a 45 second load time for the tv show section on my Roku 2. Is that about what everyone is seeing? I’m not asking to complain, just wanted to make sure its not just my setup.

Yep, it’s slow to load the tv show section, I didn’t time it, maybe 30 seconds? Using a Roku 1.

Tablo - does the “Movies” section work from Roku? I get kicked out of the Tablo app in Roku and back to the main Roku interface when I click on it.

@Max - Movies should work. Were you able to reproduce this a few times? 

Yes, every time (3-4 times) I clicked on movies last night, it kicked me out of the Tablo app. TV shows, Live TV and recordings worked fine (I didn’t try sports).

I didn’t try disconnecting and reconnecting though, not sure if that would change anything. Using a Roku 1 if it matters.

All helpful info - I’ll send this over to our Roku dev.

For the record, this has been fixed. The movies tab now works on the Roku.

@Max - Yes, this was fixed with Friday’s firmware load :) 

I clock between 30-45 seconds on the live tv app on a roku 2. I’ve tried both wireless and wired connections to the roku. It’s a few seconds faster on a roku 3. Doesn’t work at all in a roku hd.

Does anyone have any tricks to improve this? I’m thinking of hooking up my old homeworx tuner again for live tv until performance improves.

Don’t know if this has been requested before…but it would be great if you could press a button on the Roku remote to immediately record a live program that you are currently watching.

We're working on making a 'grid' view similar to the other apps within Roku. Stay tuned.

I am glad I found this thread because I was driving myself nuts looking for an expanded channel guide (grid style) thinking it is such a natural format to have since viewers are accustomed to “surfing” for shows (both current and future).  Maybe it is still partly my fault too as I am a new Tablo user and trying to learn the system so I can convince the rest of the family it was worth the investment.  I’m curious though, is there a status update that can be reported since it has been nearly 4 months since the comment to ‘Stay tuned’ was made?

@TXTTABLO - We’re looking right now for a Roku developer to add to the team so we can provide appropriate focus to all of our apps. Our current Android team is splitting time between Android and Roku which means we haven’t been able to tackle some of the big projects (like a grid guide) yet. 

Since a grid style guide is outside of the ‘standard’ Roku channel look & feel, a lot of it has to be hand coded from scratch so it’ll take some time and focused attention. We’re hoping to be able to get that hire nailed down in the next few weeks and put him/her to work immediately :) 

This would be an awesome enhancment!