Roku App most recent Sort

Seriously. Enough is enough. When will you include the most recent sort in the current Tablo Roku App. I still use the legacy app because it has the only sort option I care about. Clearly most recent is the one people want. WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG!!!

It’s in the beta.
You can add it to your Roku if you want.

tablobeta is the channel name.

And, don’t shout.
This forum isn’t technical support.
It’s people just like you, and me.


Thanks. I have the beta, but I don’t see where i can sort by most recent.

Go to Recordings from main app window. Then left arrow to get the recording type list (TV, Movies, Sports). Recent is in that list.

not on mine… i have version 2.1 build 26. You??

Access to this feature requires access to the latest Tablo beta firmware as well. Once both have passed beta testing it will be available to everyone.

Ah. I have the same Roku version, but I also have the Tablo beta 2.2.9.

It would be nice when the Roku app gets the same level of functionality as the WEB app. After 16 months of waiting it is getting rather tiring to always have to use a PC, phone, or tablet to manage the DVR part of tablo.

I only have 7 main channels and 5 sub-channel, yet when trying to use the guide to schedule shows even sorting by TV Shows results in a monolithic list of 604 shows. Not quite useful.

So maybe the use of capitalization was for emphases, and someone needs to take a timeout in their safe place.

It will be nice when the Android Apps get the sub channels in order, like they are on Route.

I like the recent recordings on the Rogue. Is there a way to get that on Nexus Player (Android TV)?

What about a category for News (both local and network)?

@beastman Auto-correct strikes again. Twice.

Two more months… Still using the Roku Legacy App… SERIOUSLY TABLO. Enough is Enough! Thus was promised over a year ago!

I would encourage you to sign up for the beta if you really want it. The Tablo folks are still adding users via the sticky thread at the top of the forum.

The Roku preview replaced the legacy app, but YOU want to keep the legacy app. For what functionality that isn’t there now on the preview version?

“Sort by most recent” is what this user wants, and it was in the legacy app but not the preview app. However, apparently if you have the current beta Roku app and the beta Tablo firmware, that functionality exists.

Just confirming that It is available with both the Roku Beta and Tablo Beta versions. . I use it all the time. It works quite well.

I have beta firmware, beta Roku, beta Android. Most Recent works. Roku is back to LPW for some using Roku 3.

@goodguytoo Roll out is beginning…

NEW Firmware Release - 2.2.10:

Shortly after everyone has this Firmware, Tablo will submit the beta Roku Channel for approval. Once Roku approves, you will have your Most Recent Sort back.

Probably looking at about another 1-2 weeks max.