Roku App Crashing For Anyone Else Since the Update?

There must have been some sort of update, because the Tablo intro screen is new (and fancy), but now, when I go to most of my recordings of TV shows, it will let me go to the main screen, but as soon as I hit the “Episodes” button it crashes.

Anyone else having this issue?  I restarted everything, router, tablo, all that stuff and it still crashes.  Trying to watch Modern Family from the other night, and I can’t.  It’s sad… What am I supposed to do?  Read!!!  Take care of my children!!!  Come on people!  ;-)


Having same problem, Tonight Show ok, but Big Bang kicks out of app when the Episodes link is selected. Using Roku2 XS. I’m sure @TabloSupport can fix!

Roku 3 is working Okay for me (Roku Version 5.6) with the new Tablo App that was released yesterday…

Good luck with your issue.  I’m sure Tablo Support can help you.

@slsean and @mbellaire what version of the Roku software (firmware) are your Roku’s on?  Curious as problems started to be reported yesterday by people who received a Roku update to version 6.1.  The Tablo app update was in response to the new Roku 6.1 not working with Tablo.

Again, I’m on Roku 5.6 and haven’t had any issues so far with the new Tablo app. 
Good luck to both of you getting this resolved!

I’m watching tonight’s Big Bang on Roku 3 right now - 5.6 firmware.

There are strange happenings afoot, again.  Mine was working fine after the new update last night, but tonight it’s misbehaving again.  Roku 2xs version says 6.1, build 5118.   @TabloSupport where are you? 

Edited to say that I rebooted everything from router to Roku to Tablo and it’s behaving again.  The strange thing is that Roku shows last update as 1.6.15 and I know it got one last night.  Weird. 

I am having the same problem. I noticed it a day or two ago. Today I checked all of my Roku devices (3 Roku2 XS and 1 Roku 3) and all are exhibiting the same problem. They all have the new Tablo Roku app. I have noticed that it happens on my recorded shows where I have a large number of episodes recorded with multiple seasons. I don’t seem to have the problem if I try to watch a show that only has a small amount of episodes recorded.
All my Roku2 XS devices have software V5.5 build 410 and my Roku 3 has V5.6 build 60.

@slsean and @mbellaire what version of the Roku software (firmware) are your Roku's on?  Curious as problems started to be reported yesterday by people who received a Roku update to version 6.1.

My Roku is not on the 6.1 update (5.5 build 410 I think).  Never saw this problem until the new Tablo Roku app was implemented (in response to Roku firmware 6.1).

We’re looking into this now, folks - stay tuned!

@mbellaire Sent you a PM!

@slsean @mbellaire @BMorris

If anyone is experiencing this issue, PM me  - we're in the process of gathering customer databases to get more data on this issue.

I can add a little more info to the problem.   On my Roku 3 (version 5.6 build 60), if I have a show with more than a couple of seasons, like the Simpsons, it will crash to the Roku screen if I try to play back an episode.

But if a show doesn’t appear on the first screen (because it hasn’t had a new show in a while) and I have to look it up alphabetically (all shows), it crashes as soon as I try to open the episode list.  Examples for me are Crossbones and DragonBallZ.

My other shows play back fine, as will live TV.

I am having problems with my roku 3 when playing some recording!

Roku version 5.6 / build 60
Tablo Version 1.10 / Build 9

I have determined that any recording that have over 20 episodes (big bang theroy, etc) will cause Tablo to crash.  Any shows with episodes of 20 or less seem to play just fine. 

Please email me if you need additional info.

Thanks for getting this fixed.

Mine works just fine, but I was at my buddies house last night and tablo crashed roku twice last night. Let me know if you want me to get his info

Mine are working good.

I did have issues when I loaded TV Shows then switch back to Live TV.  The Live TV wouldn’t load so I went back into the TV Shows and let it load again then the Live TV worked.

I’m still on Tablo 1.0 build 9 - forcing a system update on the Roku will not update the app. Any one else have this problem?

I did some testing with my Roku 3 (5.6 Build 60) and couldn’t didn’t find a situation that caused any issues or crashes.  Played from a recording list with 32 episodes divided over two seasons, played new single episodes, played live TV and back to partially watched recordings.  Has been rock steady so far for me.  

This is with Tablo 4 Tuner BTW - everything hardwired to GigE switches.

Has me scratching my head why some are having severe issues and others are not on seemingly similar setups.

Same issue on Roku 1 (5.5 Build 428) with the 2 tuner Tablo.  Most shows are loading properly on the Roku 1.  However, one show with multiple seasons is viewed exclusively on the Roku and shows tend to be deleted using the Roku immediately after viewing.  When trying to load the episodes on the Roku, the Tablo app crashes and returns to the Roku home screen.  

Our home experienced a power outage overnight and the problem started shortly thereafter (January 9th, 2015).  While viewing the recorded shows on a PC using a Chrome browser, I noticed approximately twenty episodes of the aforementioned show were still listed even though I know they had been viewed and deleted using the Roku 1.  When trying to watch these shows using the Chrome browser, I would receive a playback error and my attempts to delete the recordings would do nothing; the episodes would remain in the episode listing.  I followed the process described in the following link to successfully remove the episodes from the PC - Chrome web app.

I rebooted the Roku 1, verified the software is up-to-date, but the show still crashes when trying to load.

@JasonW @Glenn @mbellaire @slsean @Grandy

We’ve narrowed this down, folks. Thanks for your patience. We’ll be pushing out a quick update within the next day or two. I’ll post here when it’s been sent out!

Thanks, that’s great news.