Roku almost a full minute behind android when streaming live tv

I thought there was only supposed to be a 12-17 second buffer when viewing live tv but I’m noticing almost a full minute delay when watching via Roku compared to android phone. Getting strange buffering behavior as well where Roku will pause and repeat the same 5-10 second stream three or four times. FF to get closer to live only makes it worse. I just upgraded to a 2.4/5ghz router and the 3 rokus are the only things on 2.4ghz. @tablosupport What gives?

Try the Roku 3s on your 5 GHz network

I started watching a live show on my wired Roku3, and then I used the Android web app on my phone to watch the same program. My phone is about 5 seconds ahead of the Roku.

My best guess is that the Roku has some extra processing of the stream, slowing it down. But I have noticed this the whole time I have owned my Tablo.

Thanks but needing support/answer for Roku 1s. I did recently uncheck the quick tv start up box so will try it with it checked.

@mullermj Are you using the Roku recording quality? Do any of them have an Ethernet port (guessing not if they’re Roku 1’s…)

Try messing with the recording quality to see if it improves things - even try SD temporarily to see if if they tune faster. Is your Tablo on Ethernet?

Yes on using the 720 Roku recording setting and no on having ethernet ports. Tough to imagine that no else has reached out to you about these delays. A suggestion would be to do a side-by-side on a dual tuner tv and witness the delay (beyond 17 seconds) on Tablo compared to straight antenna. On the bright side I suppose us Tablo users had a longer 2014 and didn’t even realize it. Also trying to get used to the slight delay in audio. I won’t put money on it but I think that audio delay popped up after the last update. My new 100mbps Internet and dual band router has really helped the stability though. The three critical items for Tablo to work right are network, network, and network. But Tablo crew you’re getting us there…so thank you very much.

+1 on the audio delay :frowning:

I am using SD resolution.
I am using WiFi.
Audio Delay remains even after I extract it with “”

I don’t think the OP was talking about an issue with the video and audio being in sync.

Just the discrepancies between live playback on two devices.


Ah! My mistake, I thought you were comparing the Tablo Roku channel compared to some other Tablo enabled device.

The Tablo’s ~10-20 second (your mileage will vary depending on your network) delay is expected. The Tablo needs to transcode video for your mobile devices (like the Roku) which wouldn’t be able to play OTA TV without the Tablo.

Recordings will be more or less instant, since they’re already on the hard drive. Live TV needs those few seconds to build up the buffer, since it’s transcoding live. A TV’s tuner doesn’t need to do this, since it can already play the format. Other devices, like the iPad, Roku, etc, aren’t able to - which is where the Tablo comes in.
I don't think the OP was talking about an issue with the video and audio being in sync.

Just the discrepancies between live playback on two devices.

Thanks @theuser86 To clarify it was live playback on Android phone compared to Roku1. I then mentioned the odd buffering successively repeating the most recent stream segment. The audio being out of sync was pretty much a one liner thought toward the end of my post.

@kkoceski Good catch. And I’m surprised there hasn’t been more posted about it.

@tablosupport You agreed with my mention of the 12-17 second known delay but didn’t yet touch on the nearly 60 second delay, bizarre buffering behavior or audio delay. Hoping you can help resolve them. Thanks.

@mullermj My apologies - my original post was meant to address this.

If the delay/buffering issue(s) seem to be specific to the Roku (vs your Android phone)  we'd be inclined to think this points to the Roku's, as we're already aware that they're a relative "low bandwidth" device. 

Does your new router also support 5Ghz by any chance? If not, can you move one of the Roku's to Ethernet to test the results? My hunch is that they'd improve. If this isn't helping either, I'd suggest reducing the recording quality (even all the way down to SD) to temporarily test to see if it improves.

We've heard a couple of reports on a small audio sync delay, and we're investigating.

@tablosupport  Yes it does point to the Roku.  Kind of need the Tablo to play well with Roku, whether it’s a 1, 2, 3, stick or some other kind.  All mine are 1’s and 2.4ghz only.  Below is a link to Roku comparisons. And yes my router supports 5ghz and I’ve moved everything but two laptops to that band to ease network congestion although the laptops aren’t really used for streaming much anyway. Now I’m just praying the more robust Roku interface that’s in the works isn’t going to tax my network even more.  What can you tell us about that point?

On the reducing quality suggestion, why would I want that to work?  I’d never use it. What I want is 1080i or full 720p without problems.  Although if you’d kindly send 75% of my money back until I get full use of Tablo then maybe I could be a bit more forgiving.  And I’m guessing since you again passed on addressing the bizarre buffering I experience, that one is beyond help.  It really is crazy.  I get the stopping and then picking up where it leaves off but why repeat the last few moments and do that two or three times?  ugh.

And good news! The audio sync problem has gone away for the moment.  I’m hoping it stays gone!


I’ll put my setup below like a signature…maybe I can do this in my settings to help with future solution suggestions.

Charter 100mbps download/4-5mbps upload
Arris cable modem
Netgear dual band router
Tablo 4-tuner
WD 1TB portable HD
3-Roku 1’s
1 FireTV stick (patiently waiting its turn)


The new Roku channel won’t tax the network more; it will be heavier on the Roku itself, but the video stream and the speed it requires won’t change.

I know it’s frustrating to select the quality that you want and have it not work. Unfortunately, to a certain point, this is out of the Tablo’s hands. The Tablo is responsible for transcoding the video to whichever recording quality you select, and then sending it over your network to your devices.

What many folks don’t seem to understand is that the LAN speed is entirely different (though it should be significantly faster) than an up/down speed. That said, there are way more factors involved on the LAN. Each device has its own threshold to what it can take in and push out.

As an example, the Tablo can send out up to 10Mbps when it’s using the 1080 rec. quality. The Roku’s max bitrate is 3.5Mbps. There’s obviously some overflow here, so we built the specific Roku/Chromecast quality (developed specifically for low bandwidth devices like this) to compress the bitrate further.

We can log in to the Tablo to ensure that it’s transcoding and delivering segments the way it should, but we’ve never seen this fail without some kind of external influence or network issue. The problem is usually the network bottleneck.

A few folks around here worked around this very well by messing with the network. The first suggestion we have is always switching to Ethernet or 5Ghz if available. If neither of these are, try reducing the distance between the devices and the router. You could also try something like powerline adaptors. 

Paging some local network experts: @Jestep @theuser86 @Pix64 @snowcat

@TabloSupport, I don’t have this issue at all.

I have a newer Apple Airport Extreme, the Roku is hard wired to that and the Tablo is wireless in another room about 25 feet away and elevated. My Roku experience with Tablo has been almost perfect and I am set to 720p standard.

Live TV once in a while will buffer for a short ( 1 second or so ) and then continues fine. Only time I really watch live TV is the news in the morning for about a half hour or so. Otherwise I am watching recordings. Only issue then is sometimes with the 10 second fast forward using the remote it will take a while to buffer. But no buffering at all otherwise.


2 Roku 3’s
Arris Modem as well SB6141 - But your buffering should be coming from that… Unless you are doing a lot of other network stuff that is not mentioned…

e.g. Kids on netflix, amazon, hulu taxing throughput.
@@mullermj did I miss where you said what router model you have??

@tablosupport I really like your product concept.  While there is no way you can determine or guess what set up your customers have, you do know what your system works great with and what it does not work great with.  That could lead to a bad service environment not stating up front that known problems like busy networks, or the low end Roku 1’s, or not being on a completely wired network could cause less than desirable behavior including sometimes unwatchable situations. You may say that there were others before you that didn’t disclose that information but is being like them what you’re proud of?  Anyway, this is frustrating to say the least.  At first it was fun trying to get everything set up right and learning all the possibilities but that feeling has quickly faded.  I ran into a new issue while traveling that I’m reading has affected others where the hard drive must go to sleep and you can’t “wake” it remotely so I’ll look for that topic to add my experience to.  Many like myself might consider you folks the experts, meaning you knew that hard drives could go to sleep and will render your product useless but I don’t see that on your main website page. But feel free to log in and let me know what you learn looking at my Tablo.  I’ve read elsewhere that something you’ve never seen happen actually ended up happening so you never know what you’ll find here.  Tell me what you need from me to do this and thanks for reading my rambling message.

@Jestep Oops…no you didn’t miss it, sorry.  My router is the Netgear r6300v2 and the modem is an Arris TM1602.  Does that shed any light onto any of this?  And I’m beginning to just use the antenna for live tv but I can’t believe this is what the Nuvyyo folks had in mind. But my buffering happens on the recordings as well. Not as often but still happens. It seems FF or RW just throws the Tablo for a loop. Of course I wish I had three of the Roku 3s but that’s not in the cards at the moment.  And I’m thinking of taking bets on how many times the TabloSupport folks suggest connecting a Roku 1 via Ethernet cable. Three times with me alone and it’s not like I didn’t mention it.  By the way, my Tablo is hardwired to my router. Thanks for chiming in on this.  

Sadly I think this is going to end up being the Roku 1 being that it is slower processor and the 2.4ghz and the stream from Tablo to Roku is a constant and not fluctuating like some other streams like Amazon and Netflix. That is just my thought.

I have seen a lot of people talking about issues with the lower end Roku’s.

@Jestep I’m thinking you’re right and it’s disappointing to say the least. Maybe slowly replace the 1s with 3s and sell the 1s and pull a couple cat6 lines. Boy do I wish that was the end of the issues.

Well, like I said I have a Roku 3 hardwired to my router and the Tablo is wireless and very little to no issues for me.

@tablosupport I have to do a better job remembering you’re not the owners, developers, or the ones fixing things but the ones tasked with explaining it all to us and doing your best to help us enjoy it.

@mullermj I would suggest you only get one Roku 3 first… just to be sure :wink: It could be just some weird network thing too