Roku 3 or Amazon Fire TV?

With the new Roku and Fire TV Tablo app I’m dumping Apple TV. Which one do I get?

I would wait til the Roku 4 come out.

Well that’s pretty awesome considering I just installed a 4k TV. I just looked up the rumor. Thanks

I am planning on upgrading as soon as available.

The Roku 4 does not necessarily mean it will be 4K

Awe come on, don’t be a pessimist.

I would STRONGLY suggest the Nvidia Shield Android TV that ships in the next few weeks.

I say that owning Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku Stick, Fire TV, Nexus TV, Chromcast, Apple TV and Tivo Romeo.

I’m trying to decide myself which I like better at this point between Roku and Fire TV…  Need to spend more time with each of the new apps. to make the decision…

@jbanks25 - We added the pros & cons of each into this older blog yesterday. Might be helpful for you:

@tablotv Thanks, I think I lean toward Fire TV because it is faster and more functional overall.  Roku has way more channels, but honestly I don’t find myself really using them.  Personally I would never consider Android TV after my experience with Google half baking then abandoning Google TV some years ago.  That was a expensive BluRay PLayer/Lesson.

Right now Fire TV provides arguably the best Tablo experience.  But you know, if style isn’t too important, there’s still good functionality in the old Roku app… and as some of that translates into the new preview Roku app… maybe it will be an ok alternative.  I think it’s going to take a next gen Roku in order for Roku to get (potentially) top billing again.

And (and I know people will hate on this) I do still fear what becomes of Fire TV, as Amazon hasn’t necessarily proven that it will stick with a product line for longer periods…  Kindle has gotten better, but we all remember the plethora of throwaway 1st gen devices (suckers!) that Amazon has produced over the years.

You may not want to overlook the new Roku 2 which is basically the same hardware as the Roku 3 with a less sophisticated remote. If the remote is only remotely important to you, the new Roku 3 may be a good choice.

I bought and tried the FireTV thinking I might convert from Roku because of superior hardware. I use my boxes for a few primary purposes.

Netflix: I found the user experience pretty much the same between Roku and AFTV.

Amazon Prime Video and Music: I actually did not like the way all the Amazon features are integrated into the UI. I would rather have an app I open and navigate within like on the Roku as opposed to having the Prime features integrated into the UI.

PLEX: At first I thought “wow look how cool the PLEX app looks” but after using it I found it to be cumbersome and a bit difficult to do common things like filter and it took me forever to figure how to make TV Episodes continuously play. On Roku its a setting on AFTV there is a very specific button push when starting to play an episode that I had to search the internet to find.

SlingTV: At first I thought the apps were pretty close to the same but again after using it I found little things on AFTV that I am sure will be worked out but they annoyed me just the same.

Tablo: We all know the differences for Tablo and I am sure the Roku app will reach feature parity at some point.

So overall I was left with the feeling that I just liked using the apps designed for Roku better than AFTV and I am confident that when/If the Roku 4 comes out it’s hardware will kick but.

BTW my FireTV Box is for sale It is only 2 months old. :slight_smile:

@roraniel Agreed with everything you said other than Sling since I am not using it anymore :wink:

I have both hooked up to my TV, but the FireTv does have some serious limitations for me.  I am a big anime fan, and I have subscriptions now to Funimation and CrunchyRoll.  Both are Roku apps, and neither are supported by FireTv.  

I also like the Roku remote better than the FireTv remote.  The headphone jack can be really useful, and it just feels more comfortable to use.

Amazon, Netflix, and SlingTv all seem about the same to me on both platforms, though I was hoping to see better performance on the FireTv.

I haven’t played around with the Tablo app enough on the FireTv, though I do really like it remembers where you last left off.  The FireTv app has the full feature set unlike the Roku preview app.

It’s amazing, in a way, this question comes up over and over and each time it’s less which is better hardware-wise, usability with Tablo, performance, etc  but it ultimately comes down to personal preference and what other service you use.
for me it was a simple choice - I had no use for any other “Roku stuff”. We use only OTA TV, are Amazon prime members but for other reasons not TV or movies - at least not yet. 

I wanted speed, simplicity, usability (something my wife could easily handle and would like for being simple and uncomplicated.
FTV is fast and simple. For us it was that simple. Direct from Tablo to FTV, nothing needed in between, no Internet or subscriptions,etc. 
I liked the specs - processing, memory/space, and Wi-Fi performance.
But that’s just us… our choice.

Of course @ShadowsPapa and I both have the Fire TV Stick which works great at a fraction of the cost of a Fire TV.

I might have to try the Firetv stick.


There are rumours that Amazon may start giving away Fire TV Sticks for free with new Prime Memberships so that’d be a great deal.

Free shipping and Amazon Instant Video Prime movies and TV shows for a year.

It makes you wonder how Amazon pulls all this off sometimes.  Hope it’s not a ‘house of cards’  ;)