Roku 3 freezes

Every so often my Roku3 just freezes and says loading. I have the 4 tuner model and I did not have this problem with the 2 tuner or other streaming. Anyone else having this issue? Powering off the Roku3 fixes it but I’d rather not have to do.

No issues here. Is your Roku 3 on the latest firmware and have good wi-fi signal?

Roku update is automatic and it is up to date. My wi-Fi does not ave any issues with other things link my internet,Amazon Prime or even the Tablo webapp. This morning it happened again. I was watching a recording and the recording stopped at about 15 minutes of a one hour show. I started to watch the show 4 minutes into the show. When I went to live TV on my Roku I got an error about not being on same network. I then used the webapp to get to the live channel and no issue. I then went back to Roku and surprise no issue. I think somehow theTablo gets out of sink with my Roku and stops live tv and recordings.Which makes no sense. 

@a9erfan Just to rule it out - can you connect through Ethernet and try to reproduce?

I could try that if happens again. My gut tells me that it would work no problem since whenever I go to another app it works. If it did work that would not tell me anything since I can use my Roku for other streaming applications like Amazon Prime. It seams like every week or two the Roku and Tablo just stop talking such as it did yesterday in the middle of my show. Since I have to move my Roku and therefore turn it off to try your test I would guess that just the act of turning off and on reconnects. 

It just happened to me this morning on a Roku LT.  Everything was rolling along just fine for about 10 minutes and then the 'Loading' screen with the 'progress' bar.  After no progress was taking place, I just hit the home button on the Roku remote.  When I tried to go back to the Roku Tablo app, I would select the device and the app would get stuck on the 'Connecting...Establishing websocket connection' screen.  It was the same each subsequent attempt to go back to the Tablo app on the Roku.

After this, I tried to get to the Tablo browser-based app from my PC and the PC would get stuck on the 'Connecting...Establishing websocket connection' screen.  Everything was working on the web-based Tablo app prior to using the Roku Tablo app.