Mine freezes too but not Roku its the Tablo

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Mine freezes while retrieving recording on Roku 3 but on further investigation the entire show can be scrolled through with forward arrow yet won’t retrieve. My phone or PC also can not play the recording. I would say the problem is in the Tablo not Roku.

Very odd - have you tried rebooting your router, Tablo and Roku in that order?

I have rebooted my router, reset the tablo, turned it off waited a minute all to no avail.
Last night we recorded 6 or seven shows, only two will fully retrieve, they all stop aprox. 1/3 of the way into the retrievel process and hang. You can scroll all the way to the end of all the shows yet can’t play any of the ones that won’t fully retrieve.

@Tootall We haven’t seen anything like this yet… Can you send our support team a ticket if you haven’t already? We’ll log in and take a look - just make sure to include some examples for us in the email.

I actually called in to support yesterday AM around 9:40. Sorry did not get the name but someone helped me that went into my system and looked it over. His conclusion was that it was due to bad connection signal. What bothered me was you could manually on Roku go through the entire recording frame by frame and they all looked fine. All of the channels that had problems were solid reception channels, one that has bad reception actually taped and played back.
The good news is that since he was connected to my unit everything has recorded and play backed fine. So perhaps your tech fixed something without knowing or knew and wanted to keep it to himself.