Resume watching recordings

Is there a way to stop watching a recording and then resuming later where you left off?

Yes this works on the iPad app and iPhone web app. Can’t check my Android device now.

Does not work on the Roku yet.

What device are you using?

Actually it does work on the Roku. Has for a while.

And after the latest update, it doesn’t work on Android.

I have 3 Roku3’s and it works great. I can stop watching a recording in the living room say about halfway through and then continue it in the bedroom where I left off.

@tooldogg Should be automatic - what app/device are you using?

It doesn’t work on my Roku. When was the Riky channel updated?

@theuser86 try going into settings and update yourself, that is what I did. But, I still have 5.6 so it never affected me anyway

I have 3 Roku3's and it works great. I can stop watching a recording in the living room say about halfway through and then continue it in the bedroom where I left off.

Curious about how this works in the case of multiple people. Say my wife wanted to watch something today that I had started watching last night. Say I got 40 minutes into a 60 minute show and stopped watching - and she decides while she’s working in the kitchen today she’d go ahead and watch the show beginning to end.

How would SHE do that, and if she did, how would that impact me if I wanted to pick up where I left off?
There’s no login or user ID or set ID or device ID associated with it - so I suspect it can’t possibly know WHO watched what show and how far they got. You can’t place bookmarks like you can with some things, how do folks handle that?
My understanding is that you can’t “stop” - you can only pause - which means whoever goes back to that show or recording is going to hit play and it’s going to take off from where someone else left off.
Is that correct? What do people who have more than just themselves living at home do - say wife or husband or S/O and 2 or 3 teenagers, and people want to watch the show, but not all at the same time on the same set?
Does it ever get confusing or is everyone here a geeky loner in a small apartment with no one else in the place?  ;-)  Just kidding of course on that last part…

snowcat and PIX64 are right as usual ShadowsPapa. It is by recording and not user based.

When you select a recording that has been partially watched, it gives the user the option to start from the beginning or start where the last user left off.

This is how almost all DVRs work, if not all.

@ShadowsPapa -

You have the option to start from beginning or resume where the file was last left being watched…

In the case of the Roku which i know you don’t have, There are actually 2 seperate menu items 1 for play from beginning and one for resume from xx:xx time

Keep in mind this is per recording of course, not per user.  Although that would be super cool if you could have mutliple users in the household with different watched status :slight_smile:

I have a android phone and tablet. Neither one gives me a option to continue a recording where i left off. I use chromecast with my tablet and it won’t continue where i left off? I just tried my laptop and it starts where i left off so i guess it doesn’t do this with android?

It would be cool if Tablo has profiles for multiple users, but till then snowcat and PiX are right.

I know some users actually have 2 Tablos for this reason, a his and hers Tablo if I may.

When you select a recording that has been partially watched, it gives the user the option to start from the beginning or start where the last user left off.

This is how almost all DVRs work, if not all.

No, it didn’t. And I found another odd issue last night as well. I had started watching a show (the one that is partially off-screen!) last weekend. I got about 3 or 4 minutes into it and decided to watch later when I had more time. I simply want back to the main interface after hitting PAUSE. 

Last night I went back and there was no option except play. I had to of course setup the Chromecast streaming and then it was playing onto the TV from where I left off.
That was ok although I would have preferred that it gave me an option - but there were no options at all, it just took off playing when I clicked that right-facing play icon. 
I watched about 15 minutes of the show and then had some buffering issues - it paused itself, showed buffering on the computer screen, the sound went WAY low, so hit pause, messed with the Chromecast, (more just trying to see if there were any options with that thing which there are not!) but when I hit the Chromecast icon again, it started playing the show from the 3 or 4 minute mark, not the 15 minutes where I had left it last night! Each time I broke the Chromecast connect and went back, playback resumed from that 3 or 4 minute mark. No choices, no nothing, the slider/indicator was clear back almost to the beginning of the 1 hour show I’d watched 15 minutes of last night. 
Now we can’t blame the network as the Tablo is connected directly to the router with a 10’ cable, the router is 10’ from my notebook, direct line of sight and I was getting from 150 to 300 speeds on the Wi-Fi, no dropping, nothing ever below 150! It was SUPER fast and access to anything else in the house was flawless. 
Anyway I don’t know why it was pausing and buffering but after about the 20 minute mark it settled down, played well and the volume stayed constant.
My findings were - 
IF I had started watching but paused and left, when I came back and played it again, it started where I had left off with no choice.
If I broke the chromecast connection regardless of what else I did, pausing the show or not in the Tablo interface, it always went back to the earlier 3 or 4 minute mark which is where I left off with it last weekend. Break the cast to Chromecast, show starts over from last weekend’s pause point. 

I’d LOVE profiles for multiple users, that’s something I bet wouldn’t take a ton of effort or code to do. Simple, just use a name or some little indicator, whatever. I used to have a similar option in a Windows app that played what I had recorded using a tv tuner card years ago. Maybe it could “bookmark” with an option. Say I watch 20 minutes worth and pause, it could prompt with a pop-up “who are you” and you type your name in and it marks your spot with your name. When the show is chosen to play again, a list of names could come up, you click or touch your name and it resumes from where YOU left off. Watched shows could be flagged as “watched by::” and a list of names or a name. Maybe some indicator like they do now in the upper right corner of a show’s pic. 
Hey, just tossing out ideas, not everyone uses it the same way, not everyone will agree or like the ideas. And you didn’t have to pay a thing for them so I guess they are worth what you paid for them, eh? HA. Good friday morning, all.
snowcat and PIX64 are right as usual ShadowsPapa. It is by recording and not user based.

LOL - they are pretty well-versed in Tablo and generally right (and nice folks, too) 
They have been extremely helpful.

BUT that being said, @tooldogg  you are correct, I see NO option. 
When I click a show’s photo it gives me a single line, shows the channel, date/time of recording and on the right end of that line it has a right arrow for play.
If I choose play, it plays. Right from where I left off last, not the beginning nor is there a choice.
If I use Chromecast and PAUSE the show, then break the casting get it connect to Chromecast device again it automatically starts playing again without me doing anything but it goes back to the place I started THAT session, not where I left off that session when I hit pause.
It doesn’t work like they say it should, not on a computer anyway. 

I don’t have anything else that it works with yet so can’t comment on Tablets or iPads,etc. I click that right play arrow and it resumes from last session.
But the Chromecast thing is what blows me away, it goes waaay back to where I started that night, not where I left off before I broke the stream to the Chromecast device.

For some reason the resume feature stopped working today.  Playback from a Roku3 no longer gets updated with a resume time.  An old partially watched show still has the resume from where I left off before.  But this does not get updated either.  Two tablos are showing this issue.  Rebooted the roku3 it didn’t help.  I’ll reboot the tablotv later on after they are idle.   As far as I know no software was updated  its runing V2.1.20.  Resume playback still appears to work from chrome.  Weird right?

@andersonas25 they updated the roku app late Wednesday and it broke the resume play

I have noticed that the resume function is not working properly on my Roku, but for me it is sporadic - works sometimes, then doesn’t work (resume option doesn’t display at all).  Have been having this trouble since before the late Wed Roku app update.

Which version of the Roku app are you running? Hit * in the Tablo home screen to find out.

It’s the latest version, v1.12 I think. This began occurring before this latest release.