Resume play jumps back to beginning


I’ll be watching a program that I have Tablo recording. When I hit play again to resume watching it will jump back to the beginning.
I’ll try to scroll back to where I was but it will, again, jump to beginning.
Any idea what’s causing this frustrating problem?
It only does this in this very specific scenario.


Does it only go back to the beginning if you paused the then in progress recording but when you hit play the recording has now completed?


Mine has been doing the same thing. If I stop watching on my Apple TV in the den and go to my bedroom Apple TV it will start playing where I left off but about 3 minutes into the program it will jump back to where I left off again but after it does it one time it plays the way it should. It just started doing that in the last week.


I’m confused by the question. Sorry.
While watching (recording in progress or not) I’ll pause for a bit (30 seconds? 1 minute?) and then when I hit the play button again it jumps to the beginning of the program I’m watching or the tail end of the PREVIOUS recording.


Which app are you seeing this behaviour on? And are you accessing your Tablo at home, or while you’re away from home?


Mine is the Apple TV. I have 3 but manly use the the one in the den and bedroom. It just started and it’s not that big of a deal but it would be nice if it didn’t do that.


The Apple TV app (3rd gen). Haven’t had a chance to try and replicate the problem on my Table iPhone app yet.


Same thing has been happening on my AppleTV 4…