(Resolved) Problems with closed captions in Windows with 3rd gen Tablo Dual

We have issues using closed captions on Windows, both with the Windows Store app and via a browser.

  1. Captions on the Windows Store app for legacy Tablo devices are impossible to read.
  2. Captions using a browser (i.e. the web app) show captions, when there are multiple people speaking, in the wrong order.

Using the Windows Store app, we get black text with no (or transparent) background. Depending on the background of the shot, they are more often than not, impossible to read on screen.

This happens on both my desktop and my wife’s laptop, both on Windows 11 with the latest version of the Windows Store app installed.

Using the Tablo via a browser (I assume that’s the “web app” via my.tablotv.com) renders captions in a readable manner, but the captions are in the wrong order for the people speaking.

On Android, captions are perfectly readable and in the correct order.

To illustrate the issue, I’ve combined a shot from a Jeopardy! episode that aired earlier today, all from the same airing/recording. Top is the Windows Store app, middle is the web app, bottom is the Android app:

The captions on the Store app are across the dollar score, in case you can’t see them.

I can’t find anything to explain what is going on or any resolution to fix this on Windows but the way captions render on Android is pretty much what we were expecting. Ideally we need the Windows Store app to work correctly as I’d like to take advantage of remote streaming, which otherwise works on our Tablo Dual 128GB.

Any idea as to how to fix this problem?

Have you tried modifying the Closed captions settings in Windows?

This is with Windows 10. Not sure if it’s different with Windows 11.

Settings > Ease of Access > Closed captions

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That worked perfectly. Looks like “Ease of Access” in Windows 10 has changed to “Accessibility” in Windows 11 but Captions settings are there to edit.

I didn’t realise that the Store app used Windows settings in any way but good to know that it works, and it’s also customisable via Windows settings (so the alternative preset of yellow on blue also works in the Store app).

I won’t mark this as solved just yet as while the Store app problem is fixed, it doesn’t explain why the web app is making errors in displaying multiple lines in the wrong order when different people are speaking. It’s far from essential but as it’s something I spotted when typing out the original post a resolution would still be helpful.

Unfortunately, Tablo hasn’t shown any interest in updating any of the Legacy apps or firmware, other than promising a firmware update to use the Gen 4 apps with Legacy devices. So, I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting any future updates.

Would you please export a recording with this issue and post the captions here (preferably in a SubRip “.srt” file) so I can look at it?

I recommend using Tablo Tools, if you don’t have a utility you already use.

It’s not worth my time tbh to do this - the fix suggested for the Windows Store app resolved the issue to my satisfaction and I’m not interested in installing extra software just for someone to do an investigation when you don’t appear to have any direct link to Tablo support.

More to the point the incorrect order of subtitles for the webapp has to be an issue with the webapp itself and not the Tablo (as the Windows, iOS and Android apps operate as expected), so it should be easily replicable for anyone with a 3rd gen Tablo Dual Lite.