Reset from tablo apps

Once in a while I have to reset the tablo tuner (very infrequent now that the firmware update has solved just about evrything), so i would like to have a reset right from the app (I know, I can walk to the device and uplug the power for a couple of seconds, but my Tablo is in the basement in my server rack).

I think this could be implement very easily, after all most device I have do have this feature (like the apple TV)

There must be some logic(?) to tablo’s answer from 1/2016.

“Longstanding request that has not been fulfilled for one reason: if you
need to reboot your Tablo it means the software isn’t functioning
correctly so a software reboot is unlikely to even work.”

I do not agree with that.
My Apple TV act strangely at time (mostly after using Youtube), I do not know if its the firmware in the apple TV or just Youtube misbehaving, but I am not the one to troubleshoot the problem; I just reset it.

Sometime there is something weird going on, you just cannot pinpoint the problem, so you have to reset the router, Apple TV (or Roku) and the Tablo.