Reboot from settings

Any chance we could get an option to reboot the Tablo remotely, through the settings in any app?

Longstanding request that has not been fulfilled for one reason: if you need to reboot your Tablo it means the software isn’t functioning correctly so a software reboot is unlikely to even work.

Interesting reasoning. Last night my guide data wasn’t working properly; it was saying last updated a month ago. I rebooted it and forced an update and that fixed the issue.

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@Andrroid - You can actually force a guide update from the settings page. :slight_smile:

I think we need to go back to the engineering team and still request this as it would at least give people that cannot reach the Tablo easy (I need a ladder) to do so… Also, allow us to put it in heartbeat mode too, that would be easy…

Yeah I was doing that, and it would update really fast, like 10 seconds (jumps to 33%, jump to 50%, etc) and then go back to reporting as last updated a month ago.

After the restart and forced update, it was fixed and reporting properly.

@Jestep makes a good point also. Tablo advertises as having wifi capabilities so that you can place it with the antenna, possibly at a not so easy to access location. As with any software, sometimes a reboot is needed. Having to climb up to the crawl space where you placed the tablo with the antenna just to reboot sounds cumbersome.

I’d like to request this as well. It’s a long walk for me to reboot the tablo and after all issues I’ve ever had a hard reboot fixes them.

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+1 this feature request. As a user, I should be able to shutdown or reboot the device remotely from the settings menu for whatever reason I feel is appropriate. It could be a thunderstorm approaching, bad picture quality, or because I simply prefer to reboot once a month.