Replacing Tablo - Any fee?

As a result of the recent firmware update, and a great deal of time which I spent regaining use of my 2 Tablos, I decided to replace the older of my two units, a two tuner box, with a new Quad 4 tuner unit. I installed the new Quad Tablo this afternoon.

During the installation, the new unit shows a 30 day trial subscription to the EPG Electronic Program Guide. My lifetime subscription for my 2 current Tablos shows up correctly in my Tablo account.

It appears that adding this new quad Tablo would require establishing a new monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription, each with their associated costs of approximately $5, $50, or $150 respectively.

I have two questions:

Is there a way to replace one of my older Tablos with the new quad, continuing to use my original lifetime subscription as is?

Should I wish to instead add the new quad unit as a third Tablo, thus allowing me to keep the original 2 tuner unit as a backup should future firmware updates or other circumstances necessitate, is there a way to avoid starting a second subscription and its associated costs?

Thanks very much for any information and advice.

Contact Tablo support. They should be able to transfer your subscription to a new device.

When did you purchase your lifetime subscription?

If it was years ago you are likely grandfathered in and can have all 3 Tablos active on one subscription. Search the forum for the exact date. Contact Tablo Support, they can add your 3rd Tablo without removing the other two.

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Thank you very much to both of you for your replies! Really sounds like good news.

The lifetime subscriptions, as I recall from 2014, were automatically provided as part of the original equipment purchases. My first purchased unit in 2014 and then the subsequent purchase both occurred very early on, with the 4 tuner probably added in early to mid 2015.

“theuser86” suggests searching the Tablo web for my purchase info. How do I do this?

Once again, thank you.


I just went back and saw the additional, very helpful link, including the letter from Mr. Hall. I wanted to extend my compliments and thanks for the step which was taken as reflected by the letter, and appreciate the reference you provided. I had forgotten the details of the original company pledge which was made in the early years.

Once again, thank you.

FYI, you have to contact live support. I have called twice to add devices to my account, not lifetime, but it was prior to the cut-off. Once you get through it’s within a minute.

hint, be on the “account status” page on the settings tab, they’ll want to you toll them that SID_number …and your email.

Thanks very much !

The phone support number 1-844-822-5688 appears to open at 9:30 AM ET. I think this must be the “live support” number?

Thanks also for the helpful hint! Will do !


Easy peasey…

I received immediate phone support, and was entered in the subscription database in less than a minute!

Thanks to all once again !!

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We’ll add a note for someone coming across this sometime later, this is only for guide data subscriptions, as previously noted, prior to 3-07-19 regardless of lifetime, yearly or monthly payment methods.

:star: Tablo Premium Service Subscription which includes commercial skip is single device no matter when you started your service or how you pay for it.:star:

…Live support is meant, talking to someone on the phone - Ask the Tablo Team | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo.