Repack: Orlando

Are there any of you having reception problems with FOX-35, WOFL ( old RF=22, now RF=33 ) ?
I used to receive it well, and still do receive RF=22, but it is now Virtual=43.
I also receive ABC / WFTV-9 well on RF=35.
I live in Malabar, about 50 miles South-East of Orlando.

I emailed WOFL support who gave me a hotline, but that only resulted in a voice-mail from me.

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You can check with the FCC

After the repack the only station that had an issue was WUCF (PBS). Turns out the antenna work was not completed on time and the high winds we had last week delayed removal and intallation of the new antenna on the Bithlo tower.

They have a web page with photos of all the work done on the tower. The guys who climb those towers really must like heights - looks kind of scary up there. :wink:

I find, north of Orlando that we get better reception after the repack. So depending on many things YMMV.

Same issue as you, I got 60 channels before repack, now only 52 on larger tv, 58 on smaller tv…Fox 35 doesn’t even register on larger tv, but I do get it on smaller tv. I have no idea why.

Sorry, and I am still missing FOX-35 / WOFL / RF=33 too.

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Thanks, its still missing. I use the digital channel 35-1, but the scan doesn’t even pick it up as an option. It worked perfectly for years. I live southeast of Orlando as well

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How far are you from the Bithlo towers?

56 miles sotheast of “Bithlo” not sure exactly from the tower

Go to FCC: Digital TV Reception Maps

Put in your location and then click on the stations you are interested in. It will give you a signal strength indication and distance amongst other things

Thanks. Yes, whenever I do this it gives me GREEN signal for Fox. The weird thing is that I get Fox perfectly on my smaller TV, but it doesn’t even exist (after the repack) on my larger TV–same antenna. Some of my friends in this area have totally lost Fox as well

I live In Malabar as well and since the rescan have lost Fox 35-1 and 35-2 both channels… Had them since I put up my antenna over 2 years its 30ft and pointed right towards all the towers. I figure tower work must not be complete. Last weekend I got tv to pick up channels but 0 signal. Oh and I have a signal booster. I knew I wasn’t only person without Fox 35 in brevard. Hope they fix issue it can’t be t.v. or antenna issue.

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I am north of the towers and have no issue receiving FOX 35.1 or 35.2.

You can email engineering:

Main phone: (407) 644-3535

Yeah, I have emailed them and got :

Sorry you are having reception issues. Could you please provide a contact number so we can call you and try to assist?

You can also call our hotline at (407) 741-5150.


I called that, and got an answering machine :frowning:

and the Superbowl is on FOX :frowning:

Another good tower locator site with lots of details

Tower Locator

The WOFL tower in Bithlo:

I’m in Cocoa 21 miles SE of WOFL 35 antenna and still can’t scan on both my TV’s. That’s with a 6’ antenna on the roof (and amplifier) pointed right at Bithlo. Oh well, no big loss as I seldom watch 35.

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You really should try to get in touch with the station engineer. At 21 miles you “should” get a solid signal. I am about 22 miles north of the tower and have no reception issues at all for WOFL.

My Antop 400BV is about 10 ft above the ground on the side of my house, below the roof line.

I seems like all the people with problems are SE of Bithlo. It was the same when WUCF 24 temporarily moved their antenna to St Cloud. Rescanned again today, same thing, then I need to go back and delete all the junk channels and streaming channels I don’t want - on Samsung UHD TV.
Deal with a Sys Eng that gives me some canned response or to rescan my TV’s? No thanks.

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I guess is depends on the station. I have some very good conversations with station engineers. Many of them love talking about what they do and the challenges they face. Often they will thank you for reporting issues that they were unaware of.

I’m in NE Palm Bay. INTERESTINGLY, I cannot get channel 24 through TABLO either, but on same TV and incoming cable line going straight to TV it picks it up fine. What’s with that??? I’ve rescaned, cleared out old data by rescaning with antenna disconnected as some site recommended. I just rescaned again today. I still cannot get Fox 35 though it says I should on the FEC site map. The directional degrees are almost exact to my antenna alignment. I don’t get it. With only a voicemail for their help line, I guess they don’t care about our advertising dollars.