Remove ads in recorded shows

A buddy of mine has Tivo, I went with Tablo.

One feature he has I’m jealous of is that after recording, Tivo goes into a show and strips all the ads out.

Seeing as to how my greatest hassle with Tablo is managing all the ad-skips on various devices, I think a feature like this would be absolutely awesome.

What are my chances? :wink:

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Here’s the thing about that feature… It’s only available on main network shows and TiVo pays people to literally sit and mark time codes for when the commercials stop and start.

I guess that’s one of the benefits you get for an extra $10 a month + in fees :smiley:

That being said, we’ve looked at a few solutions that don’t involve that kind of intensive labor but none of them really worked for our particular use case.


Ah crap, trained monkeys… :slight_smile: Ok, well thanks then, I’m not a fan of manual labor. :slight_smile:

I’d have thought (hoped) there was some signal to mark when affiliates could insert their ad content. But yea, I don’t know enough to be dangerous, even.

Edit: Didn’t Dish’s “The Hopper” have a similar feature? Now that I type this I’m kinda recollecting that the Hopper was a Tivo-like derivative?

They use the exact same process.

[quote=“Bardel, post:3, topic:12844”]
I’d have thought (hoped) there was some signal to mark when affiliates could insert their ad content.
[/quote]They wouldn’t want to make it THAT easy on us!

That’s how I get rid of commercials. It takes me about 10 minutes per hour of TV. I only do it for shows I’m planning on keeping.

Since someone will eventually ask, my process is:

  1. Use Surlatablo to extract the video to my computer.
  2. Use VLC to skip through the show to find the start/end times.
  3. Use a script I wrote that uses ffmpeg to slice and dice the video and put it back together without commercials.

I am my own monkey.


I need a tablet with that engraved on it! :smiley: :smiley:

Is it possible to get the Tablo to recognize the ratings box that pops up in the upper corner of a show after returning from commercials, and possibly mark that as a point to skip forward to (maybe minus 10 or so seconds)? I know it wouldn’t be perfect, but it would get pretty close.

I have no idea if this is feasible, but it would be interesting if it could search for and recognize that ratings box while generating thumbnails. Just a thought.

Ratings box? What’s that look like?

Oh, is that what it’s called? Different shows using different looking things, so it would be really hard. A lot of shows use a full-screen graphic instead of an insert box.

Ah, I thought it was a standard design for broadcast television in the US.

Fox does a full-screen thing like this. It’s got the box, but more as well.

That’s only at the beginning of the show I think. It’s the smaller box in the corner after commercials, isn’t it?

I don’t pay attention. :wink:

I use a combination of tablo ripper (, comskip (, mcbuddy ( and plex to do this automatically. No monthly fees, no commercials in my shows. Once you set it up, it just works.


if its not too much to ask , could you give me your process, i dont need it as step by step but do all 3 programs automatically run /remove adds and convert the video once you set them up?

Tablo ripper runs as a service and downloads recordings to a specific location. mcbuddy also runs as a service and monitors that location. Comskip works with mcbuddy. Together, the commercials are removed and I set the output folder to a network storage device that is accessed by plex. In many ways, they are designed to work together. For example, tablo ripper will use plex naming conventions and folder structure.

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MceBuddy works great. I use it with the Plex DVR.

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