Remote Access stops working

Anybody else having an issue with the remote access. I have a comcast business router/gateway and have set the tablo up as a static ip and have opened up the port forwarding and everything works great. Then a couple days later, it stops working and when I get back home and open up tablo it says I need to manually configure my router. So all I do is click on the remote access tab to turn it off and then turn it back on and it works fine again. Tablo says its my router, but if its my router/configuration, why does it work for a few days and then stop and why when I turn off the remote access and simple turn it back on with out changing anything does it work again for a few days? Very frustrating, started happening about 4-6 months ago, and of course we can fix it until we get home. Any help would be appreciated.

I have Comcast residential and had the same issue. Their router/cable modem they provide had issues for me when I would configure port forwarding. For some reason, it really didn’t like me to forward two different ports (80 and 8887) to the same device. Comcast support was no help. I finally just bought my own cable modem SB 8200 (used off ebay) and a Asus TM-AC1900. I have not had to touch it in almost 2 years.

Is it possible the IP address of your Tablo is changing?

The IP of the Tablo in the router is set to a static ID, is there a way to set it in the tablo as well? I just don’t understand if its the router, wouldn’t I need make changes in the router setting vs. just turning off/than back on the remote access button?

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Don’t most tablo apps display the table server IP on the settings page. Why not just write down the IP when it works, before the problem, and check it when the problem occurs.

Many DHCP servers have IP reservations/renewals of 24 hours even if the IP is static.

Had to reset again today, the tablo app showed the same ip address, set to static in the router. Again, just turn off remote access and turn back on and all is good for bit, very odd.

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I’ve only had my Tablo for a couple of months but I’m having the same issue.

Every day I lose remote access and find the message that I need to manually configure port forwarding. If I uncheck then recheck the remote access box in the Tablo settings, Remote Access is immediately restored.

I have Comcast residential and the Tablo’s IP address is reserved. Someone mentioned watching to see if the IP address changed. My Tablo’s IP address was assigned and hasn’t changed since I first set it up.

I have other devices that have Remote Access and they have been working without issue for years. I believe there is some compatibility issue with Tablo and the Comcast router/modem.

Comcast does some kind of updates around 3am every morning. I hate to think they’re knocking the Tablo off on purpose.
I’ll check it before and after the next Comcast update and post my findings.

UPDATE: I have not lost remote access again since I posted about this 5 days ago. I did not change any settings. All I did was uncheck/recheck the remote access box again as I have been doing all along.
Hopefully I’ll be able to watch remotely when traveling now.