Remote Access stopped with Android update, anyone else?

Just got an Android app update. I wonder if it fixed it.

I just updated my phone app to 1.0.24-616/3000276 and it still fails to connect thru remote access. I believe that update was for the FTV stick issue and not remote access, but I could be wrong.

No update here…

This new update is awesome! They fixed a bug I reported just a few days ago where the screen would flash black for about 1/30 of a second when scrolling through recordings. Did anyone have this bug?

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The bug is completely gone now, just silky smooth.

Me too android remote access is not working

Please add another Android user to the list. I’ve reinstalled the app, toggled the remote access option in settings, verified the server IP address (DHCP reservation) against port-forwarding rules, etc.

Device: Nexus 5
Android: 6.0
Tablo App: 1.0.25
Tablo Server: 2.2.8

Same here, no android remote viewing

FYI - An update is percolating through the app stores which corrects this:


I noticed that same bug. Great that someone had time to report it. I forgot.

FYI, this instantly fixes my Tablo Connect issue.

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It fixed my remote connect issue. Thanks again :smile:

This update also fixed my remote connect capability as well.

Mine is also working again. :smile: