NEW Android/FireTV Update - (v 1.0.25)

Hi guys -

There is an update now available for our Android-based apps which include Android phones, tablets, Android TV and FireTV. Your devices should receive an update notification (unless you have auto update selected) for version 3000278 or 1.0.25 in the coming hours.

The update includes the following:

  • Improvements to Tablo Connect to ensure stability of connection even when IP changes
  • Fix for resume playback of recordings
  • Fix for recordings list not returning all items
  • Minor performance improvements

We hope you enjoy these updates!

If you have any problems, please post below or pop a note to Tablo Support.


Performance is fantastic on the Shield with this update, great work. Also, you didn’t mention it in the notes, but THANK YOU for fixing the flashing black screen while browsing through recordings, it makes a huge difference.

I only reported this bug last Friday, and it is already rolled out and fixed. Talk about incredible response and customer support.


The Shield tv is hands down the best device I have used. It is so fast and buttery smooth and the Tablo app is outstanding.


Have you used the Asus Nexus Player? I know it is wifi only unless you add ether net with usb.

@beastman Are you referring to us Shield owners or TabloTV Support? I personally owned a couple Nexus Players before I bought the Shield TV.

@getcashmoney I was referring to you and other Shield users that have also used Nexus Player.

This update is perfect on the Shield TV. With the shield, the only thing I wish you could update is the CPU on the Tablo so that it didn’t take so long to encode a stream. All my other small annoyances were addressed in this update. Thank you.

The encoding of the stream to create a buffer for Live TV viewing creates a 10 second buffer in real time from when you hit play. 10 seconds in real life must elapse for this buffer to be created, you can’t speed this up with an upgraded CPU.

But if you can find a CPU that can travel through time, just 10 seconds into the future, that’d be amazing. I’d buy it lol

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This isn’t actually true. First of all, the need for a 10 second buffer is arbitrary. Second off all, a secondary buffer can be built in the background - you can use a series of buffers and pointers.

So, no time machine needed.

You’re saying the limitation is in the implementation - to which I agree. However, I’d also argue that the 1080 streams are inefficient, and not because of network reasons. It’s not a given that the CPU can’t handle it, but I suspect it’s one of the reasons - or I wouldn’t be looking at 17 seconds, rather than 10, and you indicate… and no… it’s not my network or device.

1 second for the device to initiate the Tablo tuning, 1-2 seconds for the Tablo to actually tune the channel, 10 seconds to create stream, then 1-2 second to actually start playing depending on how fast your device is. That’s 13-15 seconds, so you 17 seconds is not unreasonable.

@TabloTV @TabloSupport

Have any updates since this version been released?


:confused: you just got me really excited by bumping this thread up

Just wait for them to post.

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