Remote Access is in the Stone Age

The current method of having to associate a device to the Tablos while on the same LAN is simply in the stone age and reflects retarded engineering thinking in this day and age of remote access to nearly everything – except Tablo.

I have 3 Tablos, 2 lifetime subscriptions. I own a house in a remote location. I want to keep up on the news in the primary residence. For the second house I buy equipment in that city, including Roku TVs, Computers, monitors, etc. The only way to have the remote computer work with Tablo is to ship it to the primary residence, put it on the LAN, connect up, then ship it back. This is, of course, not convenient. Nor should it be necessary with forward-thinking programming and product design.

Tech support calls the current connection method a “feature”. In reality it is an archaic concept that is an impediment to fully using what we pay for.

Tablo should adopt and implement current technological philosophy for ease of connection rather than calling an impediment a feature.

There should be a method of direct connect – even if having to do port forwarding.

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In this day and age, calling someone/thing retarded in a derogatory tone or trying to shame someone is considered offensive!
This isn’t considered overly politically restrictiveness. The “r-word” misused is completely disregarding and demeaning individuals with special needs!


So, dictionary police here, because I hate our new “woke” age where we redefine all words so that we are no longer allowed to say anything.

Retard and retarded are words, that used to be usable. Sad to see them go.

Feel free to remove this post, I’m sure it’s offended everyone.

I always thought remote connect was direct connection. And that verifying that a device was known to a tablo server was a home grown form of security.

Of course if you want state of the art it seems everyone is moving to 2FA. It’s just wonderful since you usually can only specify one 2FAQ mechanism - e-mail, phone number, or text number. So every time you want to connect to your tablo you need that mechanism is receive the 2FA.

Works great with spouses and large families. Everyone has access to that one mechanism. Other product forums are full of postings trying to defeat 2FA.

And since I’m politically incorrect, like the novel 1984, I nevel thought the woke police can eridicate thought.

When used as a general all purpose to mean something is bad, is condescending to individuals who are mentally retarded, wonderful people… yet saying retarded is a terrible thing - they had no control who they are, but society seems to describe them as bad? now that’s…

If words don’t matter, call things what ever make you feel good

My point is that words DO matter. The contemporary polarization, redefinition, and “canceling” of words is what I’m offended by.

I always tell people, if you want to do the most damage, don’t make war, redefine words.

Set up a layer 2 vpn between the residences.

I use a layer 2 site-to-site vpn broadcasted on a virtual SSID at the secondary residence. Any time I need to pair devices, I connect them to that SSID temporarily to pair them. Then I connect back to the regular network. All of this requires a complex network configuration and most likely new networking equipment.

I can agree, in context they were specific to this day and age while referring to w way of thinking or mentality.

If you want to make current this day and age references you shouldn’t use phrases from the time of “old white guys”… which weren’t often meant to offend but don’t always make them ok.

Ignition timing retarding causes the spark plug to fire later in the compression stroke. The effects of retarding ignition timing include reducing engine detonation, which is combustion inside the cylinders after the spark plug fires. This is also known as engine knocking.

No, it is a “feature”, just one that protects Tablo from being a party to your violation of Syndication Exclusivity.

You aren’t paying for the ability to unconditionally forward broadcast television signals from one geographic location to another, since that would violate the terms whereby your TV service is provided by a single, licensed provider of television services by geography.

You may not like this “archaic” provision of carriage, negotiated between content creators and the stations that broadcast that content, but your beef isn’t with Tablo, it’s with the laws that protect local broadcasters license to “serve” specific populations. That’s unlikely to change.

People have suggested a number of ways for you to accomplish what you want, without asking Tablo to enable your activity. Don’t waste your time asking them to abet your activity, their lawyers won’t let them.

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(noting that you can pair and travel and get your far-away “local” channels around the world)

We have been requesting as you request SINCE 2016 but Tablo is DEAF and IGNORES us.

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They are probably too busy answering calls from users who could open a ticket and fill in the needed information for a guide update but make multiple calls.

Not sure if “ignore” is right. I think “hard to do” is more correct.

With that said, it would be possible to build your own, but does mean building your own (the handler on your LAN to exposed port and the clients themselves).

I’ve actually thought about doing this.

What about remote login to your computer and then watch your Tablo.

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That’s a reasonable “proxy” solution.

(but maybe not performant?)

Many often users incorrectly compare tablo remote connect to “how everything else works”. Generally “everything else” is in constant communication with a 3rd server and the data is sent, stored -data mined- and sent from a corporation’s “cloud” server.

Tablo’s “check” in (not confirmed) when started, maintenance mode and guide updating. Along with the data collection it sends it’s IP for the LAN and opened ports. So, even if you “logged on” via tablo’s server it would still only have the same information… unless your tablo was in constantly “phone home”, sending information - presuming your router hasn’t PnP’s your port forwarding.

Lots of unnecessary overhead for so many tablo users not needing nor wanting all this network traffic.

That’s not really using it as an adjective describing the timing - not calling the timing nor ignition bad. It’s what you’re doing to the ignition timing, used as a verb, setting it back.

That’s interesting. I hadn’t considered that there may be a legal impediment here.

However, Tablo haven’t admitted as much, have they? The sense I get from them when I’ve asked is that easier remote access would be a nice feature to provide, but it’s not easy to implement and they have other, higher priorities.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

The user owns the DVR and there is no realtime broadcast between the tuner and a video player. Eveything is written to disc and once that happens didn’t SCOTUS already rule on a users right to record and play their recordings.

So I’m not sure what syndex has to do with this.

But SCOTUS ruled a point to point single user (single user, with constraints mind you) consumer cast over the Internet using a transcoded stream constituted a “broadcast” (emphasis on the world “transcoded”) and requires a broadcast license (which you can’t really “obtain”). That’s what killed Aereo.

Tablo is Aereo++, gives you what Aereo did without the restrictions/constraints. Where Aereo was single household, if your device is paired with a Tablo network, you get access. Thus, it can service many people. Where Aereo had a fixed limit on number of streams, Tablo does not. Where Aereo’s single user DVR allotment was constrained in size (varied by plan), you can add whatever disk you want to Tablo.

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