Remote Access is in the Stone Age

Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc. - Wikipedia.

The Aereo argument is whether they were performing as a broadcaster(performs publicly) vs a viewer. Of course after the Sony rulung Congress tried to rewrite the law. SCOTUS never mentioned transcoding in it’s ruling. But if it had the HDMI doesn’t transcode so it’s good to go.

“The reception and rechanneling of [broadcast
television signals] for simultaneous viewing is essentially
a viewer function, irrespective of the distance between the
broadcasting station and the ultimate viewer.” Id., at 408.

The issue for the court was the concept of having a remote antenna within the same “broadcast area” as the receiver where using an OTA antenna is simply not possible. Aereo guarannteed a one-for-one antenna + DVR + to end consumer. All lower courts said “yes” (which makes sense). The broadcasters took it to SCOPUS ultimately and had to redefine the word “broadcast” to mean if the original was transformed in anyway, then it was a “broadcast” and thus required a license. They were forced to go this route due to losing in all the lower court rulings. Both justices that dissented are dead.

With regards to the HDMI units, to my knowledge, they aren’t capable of remote streaming.

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I thought the actual SCOTUS opionion referred to the various legislation that congress passed that redefined broadcaster.

And tablo’s definition of remote connection doesn’t mean it’s the only means of remote video playing video recordings - not least of which might be VPN.

For the Aereo case, afaik, the redefinition was a “last resort” done during the SCOTUS arguments. They were losing and cast a desperate attempt. And convinced the justices to totally redefine a word. There can be great victory in redefining words. Once redefined, the answer became obvious. People think there was something public about Aereo, there was not. No sharing of anything happened. This is why the lower courts ruled in Aereo’s favor.

Locast lost first time out. They were actually proud to be a broadaster, they believed that their “non-profit” angle would be their salvation, but you know, even that can’t really be true. I think they knew they were in over their head early on. I mean, there’s a ton of broadcasting non-profits out there, and none of them are verbatim “rebroadcasting” commercial broadcasts (duh).

Well said. The current way Tablo handles remote connect is ridiculous.

You missed the point. If an end user moves data between locations using a VPN or a portable disk, this is unknown and unknowable to Tablo, so they cannot be held liable.

Legally, the idea of forcing the association to be physical is actually quite novel, since it affirms the users’ presence in the DMA at the time of association. It also largely eliminates the commercial viability of distributing a signal to someone in another location for compensation, something the broadcasters strongly object to.

Bottom line; be happy that “casual” remote access is permitted by the software, and if you want to full time place shift your Tablo shows, either export them to portable storage, or setup a VPN on your own.

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