Reminders (email, SMS)

I actually think it would be cool if we could ask Tablo to REMIND US about a TV show, game, etc. Perhaps be able to send the reminder via email or SMS? Have the reminder (notification) appear on any device (phone, tablet) that has a Tablo app?

Would prefer to have the reminder appear anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 minutes before airtime.

Also, how’s that XBOX ONE app for Tablo coming along? :expressionless:

Thank you!

Since this hasn’t been brought up in a while, I’ll second the motion again. This is something that all my old DVR’s had the ability to do.

If you’re going to bother setting up the reminder, why not just set it to record?

Maybe enable IfThisThenThat (IFTTT) for Tablo? I’m not sure that I would use it, but who knows what weirdness exists in the minds of IT geeks and engineers?

I don’t want to record a football game. I just want to be reminded that it’ll start in xx minutes. :slight_smile:

Google Now used to do this for me; it was very convenient. However, for whatever reason, Google killed the feature a while back.

Siri, set alarm for 1pm on Sunday.

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+1 on IFTTT integration. This would be a nice integration.


I don’t want or need immediate notification.

But I think that since tablo already has wifi, it could connect to my printer and print out a notification letter with all the appropriate information. . Then I could program my humanoid work robot to retrieve the printout, stuff it into an envelope, attach a stamp, drive to the nearest post office, and mail it to me.

IFTTT integration would be fantastic! Just wrote some IFTTT “recipes” for my Skype and Wordpress accounts. Great tool. Can imagine what could be done with Tablo!!!

Anyone have an IFTTT recipe for reauthorizing device for remote connection like if your 75 miles from Tablo up in the mountains?

Another thought—

Doesn’t have a reminder/calendar feature? I haven’t used it in a while, but it might be a way to solve this as well.

I think it does and yes this would be one way to solve this, but it is inconvenient to have to keep a TV schedule synchronized on two places.