'Remind' feature

Haven’t seen this one in the thread: How about a feature from within the guide that pushes a notification or reminder that a program is coming up and maybe give the choice to either tune to that channel or record it? Seems like an easy implementation (coming from a non-programmer) and a helpful feature.

I just started something similar yesterday, don’t know if it’s exactly what you were looking for:

dhangers search request would satisfy this request as well.

While not the solution you’re looking for, it will WORK TODAY. I to www.titantv.com and register. You can then create your list of stations. You CAN set up reminders. And it is FREE.

Thanks beastman. Will check it out. I currently use the TVGUIDE app which essentially does that as well but thinking a notification option in the Tablo guide could keep it all together plus add a one touch recording option.