Relax internet connectivity requirement - please

With more recent firmware releases, I’ve noticed that if my internet connection is down, Tablo will not let me watch OTA channels. I recognize that Tablo needs internet connection to pull guide data, or to provide the commercial skip feature - BUT - the viewing client software shouldn’t be as aggressive about internet connectivity as it currently is.

Why? I live in a community that was hit by a tornado. Internet service was down for several days due to storm damage. My internal network was not harmed. I needed to be able to watch my local OTA stations for updates regarding road closures and other public information. It is also common for ISPs to have routine maintenance windows - sometimes for hours overnight.

Instead, Tablo would error upon startup saying ‘no internet connection’ Ultimately, I resolved the issue by connecting one TV set directly to the antenna, bypassing Tablo - but it shouldn’t have to be that way. Perhaps give the users the error and option to acknowledge limited functionality, but continue to enable viewing. Once internet connectivity was restored, the connection to the TV created enough signal loss that Tablo wasn’t usable until I disconnected the set.

It could also be a problem with the streaming device you’re using.

I believe Roku is looking for an Internet connection before it runs any apps.

The Tablo app runs fine on my iPad when the Internet is down.

Reboot your tablo with the internet down. If your are using your ISP’s DHCP server many ISP’s take the DHCP server down when the internet is down.Thus tablo can’t obtain an IP adress.

If your player has already obtained/reserved an IP adress, Roku use to one of the few players that didn’t care if the internet was up.

This would be so great, but until unicorns are jumping over rainbows…

Ok, some device can retain some connectivity. Here’s a post from some time back from TabloSupport - suggesting the possibility exist, it just wasn’t the direction Nuvyyo pursued.

The WEB app is probably a cloud app and wouldn’t load without the internet. The Fire TV stick UI, not tablo app, wouldn’t function without the internet.

Others who knows. But the Roku use to chug along until the DHCP IP lease expired.