Recording Broken Into Segments

Programs recorded on the “canned” channels that come with the Tablo will on occasion be broken into segments. At first I thought that it was a problem with the throughput and switched to an ethernet feed. The problem continues to occur sporadically. I contacted tech support and they told me to deselect the offending stations and then rescan. That did not work. They also sent me the name of a network utility app to run against the network. I’ve yet to do that. I’m running 300 down, 35 up on my network. The ethernet cable is connected to a 100/1000 switch. Any suggestions? Thanks

Just to confirm is it recorded show broken up into pieces?

When I have bad weather and my rf signal drops… I will get a 30 mins show broken up into multiple segments.

I have this issue when my Tablo hits low rf signal.

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I think you convert canned channel to FAST channel. And if so welcome to the club. You should find not only segmented recordings but also chopped recordings.

These are the channels recorded via the internet feed, no RF involved.

Don’t forget the fails!

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Please elaborate. I’m new to the world of Tablo. We have several TiVos in the house which is a different “animal “. Thanks

I suspect that what you are calling canned channel(s) are the FAST channels which are delivered via the internet. Pluto channels are FAST channels. Tabko has it’s FAST channels.

Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST)

After the last firmware update tablo can be confused about what is successful and what has failed. I tried to record a 2 hour movie on bouncexl. It was split into 2 segments. One 12 minutes long and and one 1 hour and 48 minutes long. That adds up to 2 hours but tablo automatically re-scheduled the recording. Of course the next 2 attempts totally failed.

Exactly what I’m seeing. Thanks for the clarification.

Only tablo knows why. I suspect it’s the quality of the feed. The servers could be over loaded. I stopped worrying about it. I hope they eventually figure out a solution. To me FAST channels are what I would record in the summer when all the main programing is off-season. And this year there are the summer olympics to fill in the dead space.

My bad on this guys… IDK what my brain was doing last night.

I record a lot from the Fast Channels and never had any broke up recordings.

The site that the FAST channels come from is Amagi.

For example, I watch a lot of Retro Crush but here’s a few channels that we watch too:

** **
** **
** **

There are a few Fast channels coming from:

** **

IDK if Wurl is another Fast Streaming Company.

These sites pull up on internal DNS server.

I would try to ping those sites and see what you come back with. On the ping times.

It’s either the servers were busy and or you have low latency during those time?

It all depends on which station you’e recording on.

I don’t think I’ve had many problems on RC or hidive, but SOOOOO many have serious issues.

I think 1 out of 20 on Maximum Effort come through. I was trying to compile a list a few months back, but I seemed to be the only one doing the work. LOL, you should see the spreadsheet I’ve been keeping of every Tablo mess-up since late January. I’ve got splits, partial recordings, duplicates, fails – all seemingly without rhyme or reason. My favorites are the ones where it’s recorded like 10min of the show but no errors and it’s not triggered to re-record in the system.

IDK what to tell ya other than make a note of which stations are doing this and after gathering some more information, report it to @TabloTV . The more people that do so, the better.

Understanding what KimchiGUN was saying last night, this happens on OTA as well. This is something else I keep track of in the same spreadsheet, and if one Tablo or recording failed at say 2:22pm, the other one will as well. But this only applies to OTA.

I recorded FAST on both Tablos for a while trying to find a patten, but if they split it was at different points, but usually one would complete when the other didn’t. It’s a tricky beast, I can say.

Good luck, and if you want help compiling a list, I will share what I’ve discovered.

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Yeah, I have this problem as well, but did not recognize it as such. I was also seeing buffering on these FAST channels when watched live and I assumed that might be the cause. Tablo tech worked with me for a couple of weeks checking a bunch of things, but nothing succeeded. Not a single OTA recording has had this issue but almost every FAST recording has problems, although I have only tried about 6 or 7 channels. Tablo tech finally gave up saying they are not seeing this problem on their end or from other customers(???). I pointed out threads identifying this and Tablo tech told me there are too many variables on customer networks to be able troubleshoot this. So, they seem to think it is a customer problem. I do not believe that and simply hope for a fix…someday.

Buffering on FAST is a bit odd. It’s compressed, so I can’t imagine why it would be doing that. I’ve never seen that before.

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It can be… Thats why I asked to ping those sites to see what he came back with.

I have not had any buffering on my Fast Channels. Live or Recorded.

My question is… I will find this out this weekend when I test. does the Tablo access the Fast Channel and then passes it on to the Tablo APP on your device? If so, then your internal network setup comes into play.

is it buffering before it hits the Tablo or is it buffering after the Tablo is my question? I will try to find that out this weekend through my testing.

My Tablo is hardwired and my Roku Ultra is wireless. I know for a fact I have a Solid wireless connection to my Ultra. -45 to -50. I also have SMB/Enterprise hardware in my home. My network is solid.

What channel are you seeing this issue on? I can set some recordings this weekend and test it.

Well, it looks like buffering with the spinning circle, pause or blanked out, then return of program. But it isn’t my network. Everything wired Cat6 or better with ATT fiber and I have zero buffering on any other service. Maybe it is something else but I wouldn’t know what to call it.

Are you using an external drive?

Yes, Seagate 2TB, but the problem occurs with or without an external drive. Tablo tech already had me confirm that.

What are you using for viewing your Tablo? Like, make/model if you can.

Also, yeah, dealing with their tech support in any fashion usually feels like they’re blaming the customer. I get it: they made a device this time for users that don’t have the tech know-how like legacy users did, but just because we have one doesn’t make us an idiot! Sorry for that short rant!

@zippy, I record off BounceXL all the time and those movies I have not had any segmented issue.