Reboot tablo and roku

I know by reading posts about rebooting, nobody likes to do it, but this is different. I have submitted a ticket and have downloaded and submitted my key from ROUTE THIS (it’s a app Tablo had me use for information about WiFi signal) OK here’s what I have to do every time I try to run my tablo app on all my rokus and everything else running on WIFI if I hard wire (ethernet) to my laptop it connects no problem but after a while it kicks off with error message about no connection the connect screen comes up I press connect and wala I’m back on again but it doesent remember where I was. Anyway back to the WIFI on my Rokus this has been going on for about week and a half, every morning I unplug my rokus go upstairs do a hard reboot of my Tablo come back downstairs plug one roku in boots up go to tablo app on Roku works, but if I have to shut down roku (tablo app) come back try to connect tablo with roku I get the little spinning circle, try to hard reboot ROKU no luck so it’s back upstairs to reboot Tablo, Haven’t lost any weight yet from the stairs I’m 62 years old I ordered smart plug this morning. OK thanks for listening Just had to vent!!!

What does “if I have to shut down roku (tablo app)” mean?

You exited the app via use of the home button, you performed an exit, or you performed a disconnect?
And what model of Roku are you using? My Roku 3(4200) has some of these issues intermittently if I move around viewing different recordings while using a lot of FF.

My 4660 ultra has never had the problem. A simple reboot of the Roku clears the problem. And when the problem occurs I can access the tablo using any other device.

Next time this happens try rebooting only your modem / router first. Do not reboot the Tablo or the Roku units. See if it fixes the problem.

OK I probly have I’ve done so much rebooting, but I’ll try it, it’s hard wired to Tablo thanks for the thought

but the problem isn’t related to your wireless router/access point? “everything else” and there’s no common thread here other than your tablo device?

But if this smart plug works via WiFi… you still have to fix the real problem, won’t you?

Yeah smart plug is so I don’t have to climb the stairs to get to the router/modem and Tablo still going to have the Tablo problem Tablo people suppose to be working on a fix I haven’t called them today

disconnect not exit on tablo then go to home on roku, Roku Premiere benn using it since I got Tablo Feb 2017

I can use my Roku to access Amazon Prime Video and all other thing on roku and WIFI on laptop only problem is Tablo app to wireless I have another Mohu antenna I use just for tv not hooked up to tablo

You mention “going upstairs”. How many wifi extenders do you have “downstairs” to carry the LAN that everything Tablo runs on? Also, do you have the Tablo on a DHCP reservation?

no WiFi extenders at all don’t need extenders good signal all through house and some outside arriss router/modem frontier internet don’t know where you got extenders from

Tablo hard wired to router/modem

but previously you said,

if your tablo is simply wired networked, why is WiFi an issue with the tablo device? Isn’t it the device running the tablo app having issues with WiFi? Or you things getting mix here?

don’t understand you either, my tablo dvr has got ethernet cord running from it to frontier router/modem (both in one box) Roku’s are downstairs using wifi having problems from roku devices using Tablo app

In the end, the problem is the tablo app functioning on the Roku devices? Or any app or any device, you mention laptop, regardless of it’s network connection?

How you concluded it’s WiFi with Roku using tablo app? There’s a lot at play here with very little “process of elimination” trouble shooting. As you’ve discovered, restarting a device seldom actually fixes anything… just making it go away for a while isn’t fixed.

tablo app is the only problem amazon prime video works on roku wireless tablo still records what I have programmed to and what I tell it to and yes having to reboot doesen’t fix problem tablo people are suppose to be working on fix submitted ticket 2 days ago now any suggestions

If you have a two story house I can almost say for sure that you need to use some extenders on the floor that the router is not on. If you want a solid, strong and steady LAN wifi you will need extenders. I have 5 in my house and have not had a problem in over 5 yrs with Tablo.

Prime is coming in over the WAN and is a different streaming tech. Tablo works on the LAN. Apples and oranges!

for the tablo yes but for everything else I have no problem with wifi I just ordered a roku ultra ethernet port

OK I give up