Reboot button-command

Please give us a reboot button in the settings for gen 4. Physically rebooting is tedious where my tablo is located, thanks


This has been a long-standing request that has not been fulfilled for a very simple reason… If your Tablo needs rebooting, it likely isn’t communicating with the apps so a reboot button would effectively do nothing.

Uh huh… except for the people who dont wait until a device is dead for reboots… some of us are proactive, so in fact there is a purpose


Why would you reboot on your own? Give a reason, please.

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Because like any device w an os, itll eventually glitch/lock up, preventative maint

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I’ve already seen the gen 4 have what appears to be memory decay. After not rebooting for a few months, video play back on any STB device (fire tv stick, multiple roku’s) will have a loading messages evey 30 seconds of playback. A reboot of the gen 4 cleared it all up.


Of course, but lets pretend gen 4 is perfect and this never happens, u also dont need a reboot button, oh and we should ignore the pkethora of issues in the forum as well, for which youll never need a reboot lol, derp

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I have a 2014 OG model these types of issues between the unit and various apps still happen. How long should I wait for perfection.

Forever, itll never happen, its inherant w software, hence a reboot button in software, youd think we were asking them to add tuners to our models, eyeroll

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Just buy a remote power plug. Problem solved.

But I dont current have or need any smart plugs. So I incure the cost and maintenance of the plug and the infrastructure(echo?) to make it work.

How about advancing to the 1990’s and display the up time on the settings page. It might be useful to know the last time the unit booted.

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Y thats true, ive got spares

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Turn the breaker off for the outlet.

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To be fair to @TabloTV , I can understand why they don’t provide a software reset button which would fail to work at the very time most customers would want to use it. Showing uptime is a good suggestion, though.

That’s vaguely unsubstantiated “Windows” comment. I’ve never rebooted my table just because, er preventative maint and it continues to work. My router show uptime of 28 days, rebooted after rare internet outage, not because of any issues. I’ve just shut down my Media PC… up for 32 day – issue free. Did a kernel update sometime so figure it was time for a shutdown/reboot.

But to suggest it’s necessary for any non-Windows OS is, erroneous I believe.

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I don’t think we are talking about a linux OS issue. Maybe some DVR software that is running 24/7 might have some problems.

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Zippy does have a point. Client - Server over networking… variety of clients, toss in some DB system there are occasional rare issue to arise for various unknown reasons. Then the whole DVB-T OTA subsystem with the ambiguous weak signal.

Though I do believe there are a majority (from past postings) who never/seldom have a need to reboot their tablo as a preventive maintenance tacit. (though some may to just to feel better about things)

I would still like to see this feature and a factory reset feature. I say this as on another OTA DVR I have sometimes the picture messes up or entire screen goes blank, but you can still access the UI :grinning: and menus to restart it. My Tablo is in the basement :rofl: I have a good walk when I need to restart the Tablo.

Also FWIW, I reset my entire setup once a month if not more. Turn on and off the Fios ONT in the basement, then restart my router and then all my devices.

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I just looked up the v4 factory reset procedure and I’m also on favor of some simple software GUI feature after looking at the instructions with and external drive connected.

I’m replacing an aging (and probably soon to be no longer supported) Amazon Fire Recast DVR with this new v4. I have a smart power outlet on the old Fire Recast that’s connected to a UPS. So I did the same thing with this new v4 and connected it to a smart power outlet that’s connected to a UPS. I then added the v4’s smart power outlet to the same smart home weekly schedule as the Fire Recast that will power cycle it Off/On once a week. I connected it to a UPS so that if it’s recording something when the power goes out, it’ll continue recording.

There may be some merit to a reboot and/or reset via GUI. You’re looking at this from just your own personal, I’m the system admin setup. Tablo is a multi-user device with no lock on it’s setting.

One device out of several may appear as the tablo needs rebooted, while others are watching or a recording a single user reboots the device in spite of others without issue. Or maybe someone with less knowledge decided it’s just time and there are several recordings, then suddenly there isn’t. Because anyone can arbitrarily reboot your tablo.

Sure, as it now anyone can press a button or unplug it. It’s much more deliberate and obvious.