Reboot button-command

I think a reboot option would be amazing. Even if it’s only available for, say, the android/ios version on a tablet/phone and not the viewing app. I do have a dumb plug with a wireless remote adapter plugged into it for easier access to the plug behind a dresser, but my growing up in the 80s has me worried I’m cutting off power during some important thing it might be doing! (Yeah, we old-schoolers still have these mental blocks about some technology!)
Getting the 4th gen up to par seems to be an ongoing process, and every little bit helps.

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Sorry, but this is just a BS answer.

Just as recent as Thanksgiving I was able to navigate the Tablo app on CCWGTV. I could pull up live guide and browse library. But i noticed it hadn’t recorded Good Morning America. Troubleshooting i force closed the app, reopened, reconnected to the device, and still had issues. My Tablo was allegedly recording the Thanksgiving parade, so i really didn’t want to reboot if it wasn’t necessary. I ran through the same troubleshooting on a second TV, with exact same results. The solution was to pull the plug on the Tablo. Magically everything worked again. There was stll no GMA recording, and no partial parade recording. I have no idea why the device decided to half work, but a software initiated reboot would have 100% worked in this case.

Telling us that many users want the feature, then essentially calling us too stupid to know it wouldn’t help is insulting and arrogant. Your business will grow or die based on what current users tell their friends & family. How you respond to us, and how quickly you address software bugs/flaws determines if we give a positive or negative review.

Do better.

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I didn’t take it as we are too stupid to know better, but I do think it’s a weak answer.

A physical reset button and the ability to simply unplug the machine to fully reboot it are easy fixes, but very slow. Why refresh the entire Tablo’s system when perhaps there is only a glitch in its software or guide, and everything else is working great? And with so many “no one knows when it’s refreshing or what it’s updating” possibilities, I would think that an app reboot would ensure we don’t corrupt anything it’s trying to do in the background.

I still use a separate PVR for my important shows as I try to sort out this device’s intricacies. Call it old-school or paranoia, but until something has shown a feature to be 100% trustworthy, I do what’s necessary. A manual unplugging or reset during recording (mostly because it’s NOT recording) is annoying, and if you use mostly OTA, the communication and/or network have nothing to do with the internal software.

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My reply was to Tablo. This website makes it confusing, but if youblook at Tablo’s response, then expand replies, youll see my comment was directed at them.

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I understood that, I was just giving my impression of their response. Then adding an encouraging reason to implement this obviously desired feature. :wink:

I have days where I hate my machines and I have days it’s the greatest thing I own. I see so many posts where a person sounding at their wit’s end wants to bury it with their mother-in-law, then later offering amazing advice and bragging about some amazing feature. Face it, we 4th gen consumers are guinea pigs. But listening to our wants is also ivery mportant. We don’t have legacy devices that we’ve worked with for years where “obvious” missing features somehow make sense. We only know what we would like in a system and why it would work for us.

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If you “have no Idea” why it wasn’t properly functioning, how can you determine it would certainly respond to a yet another software function?

Understandable point. As it stands, we’re never sure it’s going to respond to half the instructions requested of it on a daily basis!

I don’t understand the seemingly anti-reboot-button thinking where it’s made out to be a terrible thing. If a person doesn’t choose to use it, then don’t. But if you’re able to access the Tablo from another device, how is the option of a reboot “command” NOT a better idea? It would save wear and tear on the button. It would cause less damage to the power port or wall plug. It would give a user a sense that somewhere, somehow, something inside this convoluted DVR MIGHT be working properly. If it doesn’t respond to the reboot request, well… I think we all know what to do.

Does it not already do a reboot when new firmware is updated? I know I lost a recording because of it. So, it seems possible.

Think of how much this could change the humanity and the WORLD!
It could save an old lady a walk to the basement just to click a button! It could help a father of 3 keep an eye on his kids so he doesn’t have to unplug a piece of modern equipment! It could de-creepify a guy bye helping him avoid a 3am trip to his loft-mate’s room to power cycle the DVR at 3am!
(ahem) My apologies. In all seriousness, though, what’s the harm?

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I dont know why you feel the need to troll this thread and comment your opinion on everyone’s comments. I’m not interested in arguing with you.

It was responsive to everything, except actually recording. I dont care if you believe me, or dont agree with me.

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I was just trying to follow the logic - I don’t know… but I know.

Now, give us a button, if you don’t want to use it, don’t. House of 4 users watching programming. Each randomly clicking reboot because they know it will fix problems on their device… which others may not be experiencing. Everyone is subjected to one users’ arbitrary reboot decision.

Although several users request this, appears far more have little to no use for this function. Way more popular request continue riding along their road map.

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You’re right. There are definitely security flaws in the way the Tablo operates. Having a house of four users means you have three other people who can delete something you want to watch.

Unless the Tablo is locked up in a safe, anyone can unplug it, too. I understand what a pain in the butt someone using a reboot command willy-nilly could turn out to be.

I would tend to think that anyone having an issue with the DVR not working would ask others around if they’re having the same problem. We do suck at communication since the invention of the text, but I doubt anyone’s recordings are being deleted without talking to the rest of the family.

I do think that the app used to set up the device should have more options. Mulling over your concerns, maybe the app used to activate the Tablo should be completely separate from the viewing app. This way only one person is able to reboot the system remotely. Which, of course, brings us back Tablo support’s comment about possible device communication issues.

The circle repeats and the cycle continues. My point being that someone has to go unplug the Tablo, and if anyone can do that too, what’s the difference?

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I don’t know why rebooting the Tablo resolves the condition that it will stop for a few seconds and then resume playback because I have so little access to the internals so I know it will it fix based on my experience with Tablo’s but I don’t know why.

Your scenario certainly could happen and is easy enough to avoid by the people checking with each other if they are having problems too, which would be more important to do in the event the glitchiness is a network or endpoint issue.

As to not enough people for the feature, maybe so. But how many people have the device readily available and just unplug the Tablo or use the physical switch but would appreciate just being able to click a virtual button. As to the amount of time to implement the feature; the blue switch is a signal type switch, whatever interrupt that is triggered by the switch could be called by clicking on a virtual button just as well.

See how easy it is to dismiss other peoples requests instead of just ignoring a thread that is not an issue that you have actual concerns about?

And in case it’s not clear, I’d like to have a virtual button in the UI to restart the Tablo.

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