Really clear antenna for outside


So far I’ve been using a flat antenna that you tape to the window. It worked pretty well I got plenty of stations for what I need. Yesterday I got an outdoor antenna and got a friend to hook it up today, wow! Couldn’t believe how much better, it gets 43 stations . Really clear too. Hooked it to a balcony railing & there was plenty of cord to reach where I needed it. I might upgrade the cord next payday, everyone’s telling me to get something called cat6 shield brand or something. Anyway, next payday.

Splurged 20 bucks & now I’m getting channels I never even knew about. The antenna is really small I didn’t think it would work that well but wow! Taking my old antenna to goodwill tomorrow. Fitting cause that’s where I bought it lol.


For 20 bucks that’s a great deal especially you get more channels and for the cable if you don’t have a long run the benefits are small to none sounds like the new antenna is close to your tablo if it’s just in your railings.


Yeah the stations are really clear and there’s so many of them so I got my moneys worth for sure. Really excited.


Good for you. We need a pretty big and tall antenna to really bring in the OTA goodness in my area.


My new antenna is really small. So I guess I must be living in just the right place, but it did make a big difference from the indoor antenna I was using.


We aren’t as close to a major TV market as most people. One interesting thing however is we fall in the middle of two major TV markets. It takes a bigger taller antenna out here to get anything but you can actually put two antennas on one high mast and get both markets.


One problem with indoor antennas is that people moving about in a room can disrupt UHF signals in a small, but observable way. Different tuners may be more sensitive to this disruption and may not be able to error correct the digital signal. For this reason, I always try to use an outdoor (or at least attic mount) antenna. The fewer “moving targets” within the immediate area of the antenna, the better.


The guy who set up my antenna is like you, he lives in between 2 areas.


Way to go! You get that much out of that little, you’re doing something right. Some of those channels you’d never head of? Same experience, when I installed my rooftop antenna. Great, isn’t it?


You’re right it’s better to set one up outside, there is a really big difference.