PVR: Can’t record from Apple TV without subscription?

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I’m a bit disappointed as I can’t record right from my Apple TV. I need to go on my computer to start or schedule a recording. I thought basic recording should be possible from Apple TV as it’s basically a PVR (personal video recorder.)

What I mean is recording on a dvr is the basic fonctionnality and I can’t do it from my tv if i don’t buy the subscription. I genuinely want to know if I’m missing something? I know I can do it from a computer of a smartphone but recording on a dvr shouldn’t be the basic feature of it by definition?

No worries.
Return it, or buy a subscription to have it work the way you want.
Don’t want to offend you either.

I, too, get disappointed in myself when I fail to adequately research a product. Although, I cannot recall admitting it on a public forum.

Don’t want to offend, but did you not research the product before purchase?

It is well known that the cost of subscription must be factored in as it really is an essential part of the product functionality.

Tablo Guide Data Subscriptions


I will say they may not emphasize the lack of functionality without the guide subscription. But it is still pretty clear.

I get it, I’m not offended. I disappoint myself when I discover I don’t know what I thought I did… especially when the information is only a few clicks/taps away. Then I have to have a good talking too with myself.

I’ve recently found basic converters with DVR capabilities discussed here - Things you see at Wal*mart maybe one of these might fit your needs – research first!

A better analogy is buying a car with a satellite radio and expecting free Sirius XM for life. Guess Tablo didn’t take into account the millennial factor.

You don’t own a single smartphone you could use? iPhone or Android phone? Install the Tablo app on that.

In the link it’s not state that you can’t record on the Apple TV. Maybe i’m Wrong or I looked at the wrong place?

Well I do understand the analogy you made but a PVR stand for personal video recorder. And I cant record from the Apple TV as of now if you don’t pay for the subscription which is bizarre. Satellite radio is not the primary goal of a car and is only a upgraded option to have the satellite radio.

You can schedule manual recording on the Apple TV. That is all you can do without a subscription. It is like having a VCR, you have to set the time and date. It does record, just not in a fancy way.

I apologize, I’m wrong. Clearly indicated on their website.


  • Limited (but growing) app ecosystem compared to competitors
  • Expensive – price starts at $150 USD
  • Does not support Tablo Connect
  • Does not provide the ability to set manual recordings


Are you sure? If it had manual recording I would’nt be disappointed with the lack of fonctionnality , but I’m sure I’ve looked everywhere and had’nt found the way to do it. If you don’t have the subscription will you let me know how to manual record ?

Apparently the Apple TV app doesn’t, that’s what he was saying.

Oh crap , Lol I just looked at your second post :wink: thanks anyway for trying to help buddy Appreciated

I agree not ideal, but you can’t use your phone to schedule a manual recording?

If you put a recurring recording once a week of a certain show, just set it and forget it. You don’t have to set it up every week manually.

It’s not that clear. As I said as a PVR I should have expected to be able to basically record from my tv…

Well that is what I do actually. I admit I may have got into a small rant about this fonctionnality as otherwise, don’t get me wrong it’s a great device I must admit. Each and every time I’m listening live TV and just want to record, I just can’t and every time I say to myself « how come it’s a dvr and can’t record? » well I understand now I could if I do subscribe but I bought this device so I don’t have to pay a subscription which is , sometime … a bit disapointing. !

Thanks for the link! I already have a homework small dvr and tablo is just sooo way better aside from you may have guest , the recording capability right from the tv … :wink:

Hehehe well, lesson learned, I don’t recommend doing so.

Here’s one guy’s account

it may be nit-picky semantics, Nuvyyo markets the tablo as a DVR

“from my tv” well, you do need a device to access the tablo - that is clear… then you can achieve your exceptions.