PVR: Can’t record from Apple TV without subscription?

I clicked on Scheduled, then :heavy_plus_sign: in the top right…

The OP’s complaint is that there is no “+” on the Apple TV app Schedule page to do what can be done in the Web app.

Note: Manual Recordings are not currently supported on the Tablo Apple TV or Tablo ENGINE applications. You can create manual recordings at http://my.tablotv.com/, or by using the Tablo mobile apps on iPhone, iPads, and Android mobile devices.

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@raidsm you are right - that’s absurd! (even though the information is readily available)

I know they’ve mentioned apple’s proprietary API about other things… who’d have thought it was just over-the-top complicated.

Correction. It is supported on the Roku app now.

I updated my comment which is from the CURRENT help page in the User Guide! Tablo support needs to fix that too.

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Yeah i know! like I said I got tablo for quite a while and love it and recommend it to everyone around me (really I could be a tablo sales rep of some kind!) but being unable to record on a PVR is like you said a bit absurd. On the Apple TV app. I got a reality check by going in a mini rant last night but I’ve finally when the constructive way and opened a feature request maybe they will add this « major » small feature of being able to record from the Apple TV :wink: thanks for your comment

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I do have my own issues with my tablo, but I have issues and am not typical. On the upside, they do a reasonably good job with a one-size-fits-all device. Trying to be everything to everyone is challenging, I do like that you do have options, including PC and (unofficial) Third Party Apps so you aren’t tied to proprietary hardware …if you don’t want to be.

So despite it’s few short comings or annoyance, it does a good job at what it’s suppose to… presuming we know exactly how it’s suppose to work. :wink:

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Good news for you!

Manual recordings is 99% done on the Apple TV in terms of development. We’ll be doing some beta testing on it when it is complete and it’ll be available in the next release should that go according to plans.


You just made my day! Thanks a lot!

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Any chance you have a eta on this feature?

Yep - I believe it should be in the next app update but I don’t have a specific date on when that might be.

do you know if the update going to be release soon? thanks

I don’t have a specific date, but definitely sooner rather than later. We’ve been focused on some other iOS stuff in the short term.

@TabloTV it’s been a year since and no sign of any recording option… Can I be part of beta testing as I may have the option sooner like you said ? Thanks

Hi there - We added this feature in the last update… Are you having troubles with it?

Great news! it works now! I did had to manually update the app on my apple tv thanks you for this new feature @tablotv :wink: