Problems watch recording before TV episode is over

I was watching a recording of a TV episode before the live broadcast was over. The Tablo froze and needed to be unplugged before I was able to connect again. Is the above a know issue or can I watch the recording before the live show is over?

I’m a new user and still learning.

Yes you can watch in progress recordings.

When you say the Tablo froze? How did know the Tablo itself froze?

The app you were using for playback might freeze, but did you try accessing the Tablo from another app.

I was not able to watch Live TV or recordings. They would get to the point of retrieving or loading and just hang there. This was the case on 2 of our TV’s, I use Roku sticks on all TV’s. Also could not connect to Tablo from PC. After I unplugged/plugged in the Tablo unit all was back to normal. I have had issues trying to watch recordings in progress before but did not lockup the Tablo like tonight.

Did this happen after you paused it for awhile?

This issue seems to appear when fast forwarding the recording. Sometimes towards the point where the recording is close to catching up with the live broadcast, but this is not always the situation.

This sounds like a simular problem reported on an other thread. It has occurred several times for me and not necessarily when l am getting close to the live time. I back out of the session that I am watching and come back later to finish. When I back out, I can watch other recorded programs. The program being recorded is not interupted but records without error. It seems to happen when I fast forward, then put the show on hold and all four of my tuners are busy recording.

Glad to know this isn’t just happening to me, but not that this seems to be an issue. Hopefully this will be resolved in future updates.

What hard drive are you using, I have a 3T WD Passport.

A 2T WD Elements

I wish I had gone that way. I have been wondering if my choice in hard drives was part of my problem.

From what I understand, the WD Elements HD is the preferred drive.

I’ve had this same issue with a Seagate Backup Plus 5TB drive.

I wonder if this issue is related to this one?

Just tried this on my recently installed Tablo 4 Tuner. I was able to watch a recording in progress to the end. The only problem I found was when fast forwarding through commercials there was no image of the show. Only the timer showing so I had to guess when the commercial was over. After the show was over I went back and checked by playing the show again and the image was there when I fast forwarded. Anyone else have this issue, resolution?

Also still finding I cannot record only new shows have to record them all and Tablo tech said to do that. Anyone find a way around that issue?

Thumbnails aren’t generated until the recording is complete/done and a tuner is available to generate them.

The record new option is available only for episodes listed in the guide as “new”.

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You may also be missing the fast forward frames after the program completes, if a problem occurs with during the recording. This has only happened once for me, when I was having OTA signal issues. When this happened, My recordings were also being split into multiple parts with no preview frames. I repositioned my antenna to stop this from happening.

If the program has ended and the preview frames are not available, you can do a reboot of the Tablo by briefly pressing the reset button on the back of the Tablo until it starts blinking. Do not reboot if you are recording other programs and do not hold the button down too long. If this does not trigger the creation of the creation of the program frames, you can still watch the programs using the timers. I hope that I explained this correctly. I am trying to summarize the help that I found from others.

I don’t think you need to press and hold that reset button, mate. I have only ever done a push and release of the blue button. Push and hold might do something different…

What JOhn Luther says. Push and hold does other things. 1. Puts it in a mode where Tablo support can get access to the logs, 2. Reset to factory mode.

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Agreed - Press and release - kind of like CTL-Alt-DELETE on the PC. A Reboot and not a Reset. Press and release is something to try when all esle has failed.

If you make a mistake and hold the button long enough to trigger a reset, it causes extra work but not a disaster.

Once when I was tired, I held the button down too long. I panicked because I thought I had wiped out every thing. I had to go through the seup procedures again and reset all of my options but my recorded programs were still acessable and I believe even the recording schedule that I had setup was still active. Press and hold is not something that I would want to do intentionally without support but sometimes when my Tablo is idle, I will do the press and release to see if it will help keep things in sync. It gives me something to do when I don’t understand what is happening. I did this when we were having issues after the last firmware/software installations. I do this less as I become more familiar with the system and I am learning how it works.

just found in one of the posts somewhere on troubleshooting that the image will not show in fast forward during recording, but will once the recording completes