Port Forwarding AT&T 5268AC Router ** SUCCESS **

Hi all, glad to be part of the Tablo community! This is my first post. I’ve had a 4-tuner model for about a month now and absolutely love it but didn’t get around to setting up remote access until now. After much trial and error and discovering that nowhere online could I find a working solution and realizing that there are probably others out there like me, here’s how I finally got my Tablo to sync up with my AT&T Pace 5268AC Router:

  • On the “Applications, Pinholes and DMZ Firewall” tab of my router, I chose my Tablo under the “#1 Select a Computer” section. The word “Tablo” wasn’t listed; rather it had the word “unknown” and a bunch of numbers. You can determine what everything is on the list by clicking on your router’s Home tab.

  • Under “#2 Edit firewall settings for my computer” I chose “Add a New User Defined Application.” That opened a new page where I entered the profile name “Tablo” and left the dot in protocal TCP.

  • OK here’s the important part: In the “Port (or Range)” section I inserted NOT the public numbers suggested in my Tablo settings (21000 - 21001) but one of the private numbers. I inserted my four-digit private number twice here, didn’t insert any other numbers, and then clicked “Add To List.” I then Clicked the “Back” button on the lower right to return to the Applications Pinholes page.

  • We’re almost done. Back on the Applications Pinholes page, I made sure my Tablo was still selected in the #1 section. Then I clicked on “Add a New User Defined Application” again. This time I called my profile “Tablo2” and made sure TCP was selected. Then I inserted the other private number (a two digit number) and listed it twice. I also – and this is a big one – inserted the number 80 in the Map To Host Port box. (I saw that on another forum and it worked, although it didn’t work with the four-digit number for me which is why I left it blank on that profile.) I finished the profile by clicking “Add To List” and the “Back” button.

  • OK now the BIG FINISH: Once back on the Applications Pinholes page, I made sure my Tablo was still selected in the #1 section. Then from the list of applications in the #2 section, I selected my newly created profiles of “Tablo” and “Tablo2” and clicked “ADD” to move them to the other box. Once they were there, I clicked “SAVE” in the lower right corner. I ignored alerts that this action could turn off my router and never had an issue with that.

  • BIG FINISH FOR REAL: On the Tablo remote settings on my phone, I manually typed in the numbers mentioned above – erasing 21000 and 21001 and inserting #### and ## in the appropriate boxes. (To make clear, I inserted the four-digit number next to the four-digit number and two-digit number next to the two-digit number.)

That’s it! After plugging in the numbers, my Tablo synced right up. I can connect to it from anywhere in the world through my Verizon phone on or off WiFi and get crystal clear TV. I set my streaming at 3 mbps, and it looks great to me without any buffering.

One final note: I never had to input the IP address listed in the Tablo Remote settings anywhere on the router.

Hope this helps someone! Have a GREAT day!!


This helped me a lot! My setup/gateway options were a bit different but your post helped lead me in the right direction. I had no idea I needed to go to the NAT/GAMING settings.

Thanks (and I posted a guide for how my gateway works) now there are two AT&T gateway models that have a walk through. :slight_smile:

This really helped me out. Thanks so much!

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I’ve been trying to get remote access working for quite awhile. This worked for me also, but I had to enter the Tablo IP address and then it WORKED!!! Thank you for posting this!!!

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I have the same router, but no “applications, pinholes, and DMZ Firewall” tab; it’s just a firewall tab. So I have no “select a computer” section. I can see where I add firewall rules, but not sure what to enter under source, destination, and port range. Any tips? Thank you so much!

Check my activity for a post I made about a similar at&t gateway. Not sure if it will help or not, and I don’t have their service anymore to try to help. :-/

Can you please confirm the model number of the router? As in physically go look at the device for what number is written in it.

Then can you post a screenshot of your firewall page?

Yes it’s a Pace 5268AC FXN. I tried chatting with an AT&T rep and they said you can’t do it with this router.

So, with the ATT 5268AC router I think I had figured out the to assign the port forwarding rules.

I am away frfom home for a few days so
I don’t remember the Tablo device ip address but I couldn’t find the Tablo device on the list of computers so I input the IP address in the choose dialog box.

What i remember for port numbers was
21529 was supposed to map to 8887
21530 was supposed to map to 80

Possibly I have this reversed.

Regardless, I think I successfully forwarded 21529 to 8887 (using the Tablo IP address).

But when I tired to map 21530 to port 80 I got a warning message saying I might be shutting down the whole router.

So I stopped.

I sent this to Tablo tech support but haven’t go a reply yet.

My son thinks (he’s a techie) that if I assign 21530 to port 80 I may be denying access to all the other devices/service that use that port. He said just use port 81 or port 85.

I won’t be back home until next week. But then I travel again so I’d really like to get this resolved during the couple of days I am home.

Any comments, suggestions?

When you get home, please post a screenshot of this message. I don’t understand what you’re saying, as in it doesn’t really make sense so I want to clarify the exact message.

Mapping / forwarding a random external port of 21530 to an internal port 80 on one device (the Tablo) is just fine, it shouldn’t do anything to your router.

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Warning: Service Disruption Warning
WARNING! Adding this Firewall Application Profile may cause AT&T TV to stop working.

I copied this message from another thread on a similar topic. I am pretty sure this is the message I got.

The other thread said his problem went away but didn’t explain why. Maybe I just need to try again.

Do you have TV service through AT&T? Unless external port 21530 is being used by the AT&T TV service it shouldn’t cause any problems.


But I messed with this for hours before I (think) I figured out the nuances of how the port forwarding tool worked.

It’s possible I did something wrong or maybe created conflicting rules.

The other person’s problem went away.

Maybe I just need to delete my forwarding rules, tablo 1 and tablo 2, and try again from scratch.

I am disappointed I can’t use the Tablo for this trip. Really want to have it for the next one. If I can’t get it working, or if I can, I will post the result here. And in the former case seek more assistance.

Sound like it should work. So I probably did something wrong. Like, previously, I created a rule for another device before I realized it wasn’t linked to the Tablo.

Check this thread linked below. It seems others have successfully forwarded a different external port to the internal port 80 with no issues.


Yes, I read that. That person said their problem went away but they didn’t know why. They were apparently typing in an incorrect port number. And even after they corrected the error they still got the service disruption warning. So, I am hoping if I start over with a clean slate and do everything right from the get go my problem will go away also.

I’ll let you know next Tuesday…

Make sure to delete all port forwarding rules and start again. A factory reset of the combo modem / router may be helpful, but since you have DSL internet be careful with that as you may need the PPPOE username and password to re-setup the modem for internet.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

Then he needs to tell you how to set up your tablo to use port 81 or 85 instead of port 80 :wink:

Well, that does raise a couple of hypothetical questions

Is it possible to change the port mapping on either side of the ones Tablo gives?
21530 > 8887
21529 > 80

Can the above be altered?

And, I am curious if many people have had the IP address for the Tablo change with a router reboot, and thus lost their remote connections?

Still hoping it maps like it’s supposed to when I get home next week.

What little I do know, you can manually configure the ports tablo uses, I unchecked and re-checked the enable… said it needed to be manually configured and gave me some numbers to use -

I put back the numbers I has already setup in my router...



Clicked Re-Test Port Mapping...


and all is well.

So yes you can put in virtually any you want. I’m sure there are obvious limitations.

Thanks for the screenshots, very helpful. I don’t think you can alter the “private ports” (internal ports). But you can alter the public ports (external ports), but I do not recommend opening up external port 80 on your router.

That is I do not recommend setting up port forwarding as follows:
8887 → 8887
80 → 80