Please point me the right way to resume playback on iPad

Yes, please. I recorded the NASCAR race last Sunday June 25, 2023. It’s about 4+ hours. I watched about 1+ hr this morning. This afternoon, I wanted to continue where I left off but I didn’t see an option to start where I left off so I tapped on the right pointing icon to the right of the recording. It started playing from the start and started buffering and I kept dragging the slider. Wtf! It’s a tedious process to get to the point where I lft off! Where on the iPad can I click to get the option to play from where I left off?

I get the same behaviour when I use my iPad and the Remote Streaming Quality is set to anything other than Full Quality. I believe there’s a bug in the iPad Tablo app where it thinks it’s connected remotely if that settings is not set to Full Quality even though the iPad is on the same network as the Tablo DVR.

Thank you! You are exactly right. My Remote Streaming Quality was not on “Full Quality”! I set it as such and now I can continue watching where I left off on my iPad. Is this documented somewhere?

I’m not sure if this is documented. @TabloTV can you confirm that this is a bug in the iPad Tablo app?

I submitted a RFC to @TabloSupport to incorporate a user profile in the Tablo DVR itself so it will be like Netflix so that I can resume where I left off, my wife can resume where she left off, and my son can do the same, if viewing same program - this regardless of Remote Streaming Quality.

I have not received a confirmation fro Tablo that they received my Request For Change (RFC).

You might find people asking for profiles going back to August of 2014.