Player Error - weak signal?

Best I can tell is all towers are either west or northwest from here … perfect reception on all other devices except the Tablo.

The channels you now get (27, 33, 44) are all UHF and in the 272 to 283 degree direction. Channels you now don’t get (9, 30, 41) are in the 281 to 300 degree direction with 9 being VHF. Channel 2 is at 265 degrees and apart from both groups.

Which compass direction is your antenna pointed at? 282 degrees would be midpoint for all the channels.

What antenna do you have - both UHF and VHF?

It is pointing just slightly north of west (approx. 280 degrees) - up in the attic about 20 ft. above ground.

Here is my antenna …

I do not think that you damaged the Tablo tuner. The frequencies are very different. I was only wondering if the WiFi signal could overdrive the front end of the tuner anyway.

Assuming that your Tablo is close to your Samsung TV, try removing the RF cable from it and connecting that cable to the Tablo. (You know that the signal is good at that cable end.)

And try the reverse, remove the RF cable from the Tablo and connect it to the Samsung TV. Then the Samsung TV reception should be worse if the problem is a bad cable or connection.

You have very high strength signals. The 4 bay antenna (very good antenna - I built one) may be overdriving the Tablo on some channels. Put a splitter in between the antenna and the Tablo to lessen the signal strength and see what happens.

BTW those dimensions in your diagram are for the old style UHF frequency range. The elements should be 9.5 inches rather than 7 and spacing at 9 inches in between.

I’ll try that but they previously worked just fine - I was thinking we need to go the other way - amp it up because of weak signals. Now this morning I had a ‘3-bay’ antenna like the one I sent the pic of and put it in my office window, maybe 4 ft. above ground, no splitter, ran a re-scan with same pitiful results … just 8-9 chnls.

I’ll go re-scan with a splitter :slight_smile: Thanks for all the timely feedback !

Connected simple 2 position splitter (non-amplified) - rescan of chnls. - same results - it whips thru 2-26 nothing found, then picks up 27-1 thru 44-3 … a total of 9 channels.

So, if I was overdriving the tuner, why would it say ‘weak signal’ ? This is so strange - can’t wait to hear what Tech support says.

I have a support ticket opened as of 4pm Friday (yesterday), so I will probably hear from them on Monday. David has been very helpful in assisting.

Whoa, I did not know that about the length and spacing on the 4-bay antenna specs. - Do you have a drawing or schematic? Might be time for a new antenna :slight_smile:

Take a look at some of the antennas here:

They are easier to build and just as performant. I built the Tuxedo (one model includes a VHF extension) and it has been my best antenna. I extended his Tuxedo from 2 bays to 4 bays and it has been superb. Just two wires and no screws. He BTW is also in Lusiana.

Check out this site for current 4 bay bowtie antenna designs and dimensions:

The 9 inch design was done to accomodate the narrowing of the UHF spectrum a few years ago from channel 69 down to 51. With the repack the largest channel will be 37 (which has a wavelength requiring 10" elements).

I don’t believe that you are overdriving the Tablo. According to I am getting signals at -17dbm when your highest is -31dbm.

And my 2 month old Tablo Dual has almost no problems with reception of weaker channels.(Only when storms are moving between me and stations 55+ miles away.)

And I don’t believe that you have an antenna problem since you have already said the 2 other tuners pick all the channels that the Tablo is currently missing.

Try the test in my last reply. Do not add any other cable. That way you know that you are comparing apples to apples.

Awesome!!! So if I build one of these, it will surely work since the author is from Cajun country! LOL I’m watching the video now … i am on it! :slight_smile: Thanks!

He doesn’t add a reflector to his antennas since he needs them omnidirectional. My channels are all in one direction so I add a reflector behind the antenna built from cardboard and kitchen aluminum foil.

Wow - he tested his antenna INDOORS and recv’d a station that was 64 miles away - pretty impressive.

I actually have 4 of those 4-bay antennas in the attic. (for each dif. TV) and I have tried the Tablo (since the loss of channels) on all of the other antennas (and subsequently, the diff. RF cable on each one) … same 9 chnl. result. That is why all roads lead back to something strange with the Tablo, not 4 different antennas that work on other tuners/TVs. Seems like black magic to me. LOL

Yes, I built his Tuxedo model (with two additional bays in my attic 36" in length) and got a station 51 miles away that I’ve NEVER gotten before. It replaced a 4 bay bowtie and it has been more reliable on stations between 30 and 50 miles away/

By Jove, I think I need to try that … New Orleans stations are a bit farther (and in a different direction), but I bet I could snag some of those stations too … time to experiment :slight_smile:

Now mind you these stations that I never got before do not come across my Tablo but only on my Samsung & LG TVs. That is the problem - that I can snag them on my TVs but NOT record them on my Tablo - very frustrating! The channel 51 miles away has 3 or 4 programs my wife and I enjoy but can only watch live.

You may need a preamp for those faraway stations.

Thanks for mentioning that … about the far away stations … that is kinda where we are now with the Tablo … some stations come in on the TV tuner, but not on the Tablo. That is why I was wondering if i needed a better antenna and/or a pre-amp of sorts. Looks like I may want to try this antenna first? (see pic) - is that the one?

Okay, I went here to get more information about your stations:

City: Baton Rouge, LA
Owner: Louisiana Public Broadcasting
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Educational Full-Power - 2570 kW

ID: “NBC 33”
City: Baton Rouge, LA
Owner: Knight Broadcasting
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power - 1000 kW

ID: “FOX 44”
City: Baton Rouge, LA
Owner: Nexstar Media Group
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power - 1000 kW
Subchannels: 44.1 Fox 44/WBMB, 44.2 CW

Notice that the stations that you are receiving have 1000+kW transmitters. The stations which you do not get, are using lower power transmitters. But you should still receive those other stations, given how close you are to them. And you did get them until last night when something changed.

You are definitely seeing a reduced sensitivity in the Tablo tuner.

The Tablo tuner could be more susceptible to a static charge buildup or its own antenna placement allowed a higher build up of a static charge. Were there strong storms near your home last night? (Lightning)

If you can not find a reason for the reduced sensitivity of the Tablo tuner then in the future do not put a WiFi router anywhere close to a Tablo.

Yes, that’s the Tuxedo that I built. However I added two more of those 6-1-3" bays at the bottom to have it a 4 bay (I also scrunched them in more). Notice though that he likes his newest build\model better than the Tuxedo.