Playback Returns to Beginning of Recorded Program

Recently when playing back recorded programs on our Apple TV 4K from our Tablo Quad, at some point (typically within the first third of the program) the playback position resets to the beginning of the recording even though the remote is untouched. This has only started happening within the last month or two (and not the preceding couple of years).

This differs from the issue where resuming playback of a live program returns playback to the point when the device was tuned to the channel.

I’m seeing something similar. I watch a recoding of Jeopardy and it starts, plays a few seconds, then starts over. It’ll play through the whole show after that.

We saw this in the past, but it went away. For some reason it’s back.

(Apple TV 4K and Tablo Duo over ethernet)

Here’s a Reddit thread talking about the same issue. Thoughts @TabloTV @TabloSupport ?

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