Playback failing apparently randomly with is “Connection Dropped” or “Playback Failed”

A week ago, I replaced my outside antenna and the reception indicators on my Tablo quad networked unit seemed to improve. All the channels of which I have interest show 5 green circles after a new scan.

Unfortunately, some of the recordings are now failing to play. These are mostly new recordings but also recordings from a month or so ago. The failure is on both the Fire Stick app as well as the iPhone app.

Sometimes, the failure message indicates poor reception, but the more common message is “Connection Dropped” on the Fire app and “Playback Failed” on the iPhone. The sample recording in the images is a Batman episode that was processed through the commercial skip, as you can see from the attached image. My understanding is that completing the commercial skip process indicates that the recording quality is very good. Doesn’t this indicate that the reception is at a very good level and that playback should be available?

Error on Fire:

Error on iPhone:

It seems that there is something going on aside from poor reception. I have noticed that a poor power supply can cause strange problems. Could this be an issue? The Tablo has a 2 G hard drive and is cooled by a fan.

I have rebooted the unit and refrained from calling it rude names.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome!


Is this your first time watching the recordings from a month ago? If not, did they play ok?

If this is one of the things you suspect, we’ve got some troubleshooting steps here that you can take:

But of course, the team would be happy to investigate things for you if you place a ticket:

The old recordings that have failed were not watched until this week so they may have been bad weeks ago. However, this behavior just started in the last week.

I actually opened a detailed ticket (164126) with support a week ago. They have not answered my questions but have sent me the steps to get a good antenna installed twice. sorry, but this has not been a positive experience in regard to support at this point.

Thanks for the link to the power supply troubleshooting. I have not seen any of the issues listed so that may be a dead end.

Do you still have an old recording that played before without incident? If so, is the playback still clean?

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I am able to watch very old recordings that are on the Tablo. I watched one from April 14, 2022 and it played just fine.

One was recorded last night that refused to play with the Connection Dropped. When I tried to delete it the File app froze and I had to restart the fire stick. The recording was gone when I reentered the Tanlo app on the fire stick.