Backup Tablo Power Supply note

Continuing the discussion from Playback failing apparently randomly with is “Connection Dropped” or “Playback Failed”:

Even when your power supply (transformer brick) works, it’s not a bad idea to have a backup for future troubleshooting.

With my 4th gen, the power supply that came with it is my backup, I’m using this one to power it:

It’s 12V with same barrel (5.5mm OD, 2.5mm ID, Positive center) but it is 2A opposed to Tablo’s 1.5A. That’s okay, the device only draws the current it needs.

It’s a bit bulkier and it is black opposed to white, but I can confirm it works.

Unfortunately it’s out of stock but the voltage, barrel, and at least 1.5A is what matters if buying a backup.

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This the one I replace mine 12V 5A 60w power supply with four tuner and un power external hard drive should be more than enough for the power demand for ten bucks.

That’s a particularly nice one as the transformer brick is separate from the AC plug.

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That’s beefy! The USB 2.0 port still can’t exceed 0.5 amp by spec. That’s the limit unless the Tablo and hard drive exceed spec. That may not be a problem on some hard drives. Some of the small 2.5 and SSD can stay within an acceptable limit though. I would be interested in seeing what a power meter said.

Yeah, using a beefier brick won’t increase the power capabilities of the USB port unless the stock power brick was under-spec but I doubt that’s the case.