PlaayStation Vue on Roku today, Android next week


Now for the price of cable, you can have…

To get the channel lineup of the $35 package where I live it would be $92 a month with cable. I will choose Sony.

Plus it requires me to have a cable box for HD. No thanks.

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Been waiting for it to come to Roku… would consider ditching Sling if I wasn’t getting the T Mobile discount. Might do the free trial to check it out.

Obvioiusly it will vary for some. For me, just looks like very very very slightly discounted cable TV. $92 for just a few channels of TV is pretty expenive. For most you’d get Internet, Phone and TV (upwards of 200 channels) for that price (minus all the TTL they throw at you). But if your (just) TV costs $92/mo, then yes, Vue is a discount for sure.

We use Tablo for OTA and Vue for “cable” channels. We’re on the $30/mo plan, and it has just about all the channels we ever wanted from cable or satellite. DirecTV was costing us $140 or so.

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Just loaded up the one week free trial, and made the “mistake” of showing the wife. She wants to cancel Sling Tv and go with Playstation Vue, even tho it’s an extra $15/month.

Briefly testing shows a heck of a lot more channels, plus Fox News is the big selling point. I lose the ability to access outside the home on my Android phone, but still worth it. Oh, and FNC is in full HD with video significantly better than what I had on DirecTV. If the free trial goes well, I may be canceling Sling Tv in a week.

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Seems most prefer Vue over Sling. Not just the channels, but the features. I don’t subscribe to either, just have friends that do (some switched to Vue).

Coming to Android next week! YES!

And Playstation Vue IS INCLUDED in Binge On!

Oh sweet! That could pretty much seal the deal, if I can get it on my phone.

2 streams at a time too, instead of just one.

I had Sling and they had bandwidth problems. I am assuming since PS Vue is by Sony and they do Crackle, then they understand bandwidth. My Crackle experience has always been better than Sling TV.

PS Vue also has 28 day cloud DVR, and Sling TV = No DVR.

Interesting time to be a cord cutter! Sony’s got the right idea by pointing out the $10 per cable box, up to 5 (since you get 5 streams).

FYI - TitanTV has a PS Vue OTT schedule, but it includes everything. You would need to edit out the channels you don’t subscribe to.

same with us, saves us tons a month and we get about the same thing we had before.

OK, I am going to ask a (probably) stupid question here. Does “Coming to Android next week” mean that PS Vue will be available on my Nexus Player next week?

Not a stupid question. It is coming to Android phones and tablets next week with Google Cast support, but non native Android TV support - meaning that you will be able to cast shows to your Nexus Player, but not navigate a UI with your remote, unfortunately.

Considering they have already developed a UI for the FireTV, I would think native Android TV support would come sooner rather than later.


From what I’ve read, phones. You might be able to side load it to NP or Shield…I know I’ll try. On the other hand, the channels that have apps that you sign in with cable provider, Ps Vuelta is a provider, so the FX Now app for example would work on Android TV.

They don’t talk about unreal sedan versions, and just “next week” was mentioned in the press release…no specific date.

Now that is cool… my trial of PSVue allows me to use my login info to sign in to some apps That lets me watch some channels on my tablet (Win 10). I may try some additional Roku apps as well.

Titan TV has PSVue listed as provider of OTT but it is the big package, not three different packages. I just emailed them asking to please have three different packages.

I guess you could always edit out the ones you don’t get, but if they do it for me, it’ll save the effort. So far, still liking what I see.