PlaayStation Vue on Roku today, Android next week

I’ve been researching to see what package I should get, and I found my answer! The Longhorn Network on cloud-based live television service Playstation Vue in Texas and Oklahoma. The official network of the Texas Longhorns will be available in select cities as part of the Core slim package that features more than 70 channels and costs $34.99 per month. Playstation Vue also offers two other packages and a variety of stand-alone channels.

So now I’m just waiting for next week when it launches on Android, then I can try on both.

Edit: changed my mind, and tried it tonight. MUCH BETTER than SlingTV. Also, since Austin, TX has FOX O/O station, it is included live, but no other locals. I can switch packages during football season though

I’d be more interested if I could jettison some channels i’ll never watch (drop the $$ sports programming but get more family/kids channels, etc) and opt for alternate ones… I think Sling has something like that… Since no one in my household including myself would watch those channels it seems like a waste of money still (albeit less of a waste than what I was shelling out for cable not watch the same channels)

At least give me the option to select which channels appear on the UI. I’d like to pay less, but I’d much prefer to see fewer. It takes SO long to glide horizontally back and forth to view channels and options. Remove the ‘clutter’. Give me an option to deselect options on the UI.

Not a single LPW while watching NBA Draft last night or CNN this morning! THIS IS the best cable channel package. Thank you SlingTV for first coming out with the idea, but also THANK YOU PlayStation Vue for doing it RIGHT and knowing bandwidth requirements!

I started the free trial last night also. IIRRC when you punch the * button on your remote you get a popup window that allows you to save a show to “MY SHOWS” but also an option to save a channel to “MY CHANNELS” That ought to be a way to set up just your favorite stations and make viewing faster.

Was hoping to see my local channels on there but there were none. My wife likes to watch Bravo. However, cant watch the Bravo channel on Roku without a cable/satellite subscription. Wonder if PSVue will count as one of the subscriptions?


Bravo is a listed channel and it plays fine. The only local I have is KTBC FOX 7, which is owner owned and operated (FOX owns it, and not some company such as Media General). I get all my locals on Tablo, so I can watch them on Roku too.

I was referring to the Bravo channel on Roku. You are right in that it plays fine on the PSVue. Was just wondering if the PSVue would count as a subscription to watch the Bravo standalone channel on Roku. Thought maybe the standalone channel would have more on-demand episodes.


I assume it will on a phone or tablet but don’t know about the Rogue.

Just did a quick price comparison. If I picked up TV through my Internet provider, at first glance it’d look like my local provider would give me a better deal if I bundled the TV with my Internet, however all I had to do was scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the fine print. Not only do prices go up after whatever promo you snag, they have an extra $80 setup fee, $12 per month for each TV box, and then some extra bonus monthly fees depending on what channels you signed up for. Not to mention whatever local taxes. Add on top of that the fact that there are fewer channels compared to Vue in the comparatively priced TV packages, and most of the channels aren’t provided in HD.

Really after all of that, Playstation Vue is a great deal. No hidden fees, I can use the numerous devices and STBs I already own, and I can cancel at any time. Plus with the Cloud DVR abilities I would never have to worry about storage space or tuner limitations. If my family really needed cable access PSVue would be great.

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Tomorrow is THE DAY! I was in chat with them and they said the Android Mobile PS Vue app will be released tomorrow!

Nice! Looking forward to this… even tho it’s more expensive than Sling by a factor of 2, I get a lot of value from PS Vue because I can finally get FOX News,. Another nice feature is that I can log in to FNC and CNN on my windows 10 tablet and get the live news broadcasts.

Just a little while ago, I got an email from Sling letting me know about some new updates, including a new Roku channel, but still no FNC so I won’t be switching back.

Looking forward to the Android app.

Isn’t it strange what a little competition will do? TX and OK can get the LONGHORN NETWORK and it is coming to WatchESPN too. I will switch during football season, then switch back.

Yes but after Nov 8 you won’t need FOX News :laughing:

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Looks like it is live now.

And I was able to install on my Nexus Player. I’ll see if it actually runs there.

One thing I discovered is watching live still requires WATCH________apps and validate example ESPN requires WatchESPN to watch live IF NOT ON HOME NETWORK.

From what I’ve read, everything but only first hand on Android phone.

Even if OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME NETWORK? Bring your Tokugawa to a friend o= hotel and I bet it won’t stream everything live.

Sorry, I missed that part of your original post. Yes, it only works within your home network.

Anyway, the good part about is that PS Vue appears to have login capabilities on almost all network apps. Much better than Sling TV.

True. In iOS, I’m using PSV credentials on all apps I want from PSV channels that are in the store.

Did you have to side load it on to your Nexus Player? I don’t see it in the Google Play store. Loaded up fine on my Galaxy S6 tho.