Picture but NO sound on The CW 33.1 Dallas

I currently have the 4-tuner model.  Since I began using my Tablo in December, I have been able to view The CW Dallas on channel 33.1 but I have not been able to hear any sound from that channel.  This includes live & recorded viewings of the channel from both the browser web app on my laptop AND my tablet.  All of my other channels play and record correctly.  

After scouring the internet, I read that some of the other digital tuners (i.e.-HDHomeRun Prime) have experienced a similar problem with this same channel.  The problem was linked to the fact that The CW Dallas has 2 different audio tracks; the manufacturer was later able to fix this issue. 

Can you please advise if there is a fix for this issue?

I’m in Dallas area, have the 2 tuner Tablo, watch The Flash, and other CW shows… have not seen this problem.

I just added the fact that I have the 4-tuner model.  Not sure if this affects anything.

@xaudiblex Sounds like it’s not a local issue, if @cjcox doesn’t have the problem. Send me a note and we’ll take a look.

Do you get sound if you run the antenna straight into the TV? If so, it is a Tablo issue.

@dougc405 This is a great test - something to check out @xaudiblex (before or after we grab your Tablo’s logs)!

Just got home.  Plugged my bedroom TV directly to the antenna and I get sound on that channel…

Also in the DFW area. No trouble with my 2 tuner.

I tested out the replacement unit and it still has the same issues.  I tried to contact the support team again on March 1st and I have STILL not received any response.  Please advise.

This sound issue happens on only this channel? All other channels have sound?

I live in Austin, TX and was watching KBVO (new station) the day after it went live.  There was sound the night before, but the day after there was no sound.  I emailed the engineer to see what was up.  I thought they may have been fine tuning the tower.  He told me it was only the paid show airing at 6:00 AM and would be looking into what happened.  I have the 4 tuner model of Tablo.  What @dougc405 said is an excellent test.  If there was no sound when I got home from work, I might have done that but since it was just the one show, everything was excellent.

I gave what @dougc405 said earlier before Tablo sent me a replacement unit.  When it was plugged directly into the TV, I received BOTH audio and video.  So I know that the CW is transmitting audio when plugged up to the TV directly.  However, anytime I try to view it live or from a recording on the Tablo, the audio is always missing.  @beastman , it happens at all times of the day (I’ve spot checked at random times through the day & night).  @theuser86 , I can change to any other channel on the Tablo and receive both audio & video, just not the CW channel.  

For what it’s worth, I’m in Dallas with a 2-tuner and my audio for 33.1 if fine.

It makes me wonder if its a 4 tuner model issue?  It seems like everyone with a 2 tuner model isn’t having any issues…

Remember that since it is a 4 tuner, the signal from the antenna is being split four ways and with the 2 tuner version it is only split two ways.  That might explain it depending on the stations broadcast power compared to the other stations. Also is the tower for CW located the same place as the towers for the other stations?  I know in Austin most towers are in one location, but a few are someplace else.

@beastman, that is true.  However, it wouldn’t necessarily explain why the picture is smooth and clear but there is no audio. 

@xaudiblex, what is your frontend?  (e.g. roku model “x”, iOS Tablo app, PC using “x” web browser)

Tried Tablo on both my Windows PC using the chrome browser, the old Android Tablo Tablet app, and new Android Tablo Web app (on a side note, I have also sideloaded the app to my Nexus Player).  All the different devices and apps have the same result.  This is regardless of watching it live or re-watching a recording show.

@xaudiblex Apologies for any confusion, but I don’t see a note from you… Feel free to PM me with the RMA details you had and we’ll track this down, and then get you up and running.

@xaudiblex  Is there also a 33.2 and other stations, and if so, do you have audio on them?