Paused show keeps restarting (old thread)

I’ve been having a strange problem. It seems to mostly happen while watching a show that is currently recording, delayed a bit.

I will pause the show and maybe leave the room, and after a few minutes it starts playing again on its own.

I have the 4-tuner Tablo. This happened before and after the 2.2.8 update.

I watch on Roku 3.

This has actually happened to me on other channels on my Roku 3… so maybe it is an issue with the Roku 7.0 update rather than Tablo.

I have also seen this a couple times after 2.2.8. Weird to see it suddenly start playing after sitting in Pause for awhile. Demonic posession ? Nope. Bad code, quite possibly from Roku.

Sounds like Halloween software at work.

That seems more likely. I have had other strange issues with Roku 7.0. It seems to crash a lot.

Rebooting the Roku seems to help with the pause/play issue so the Roku is the likely culprit.

We’ve had a few people report this on their Rokus running 7x.

We haven’t been able to reproduce it here yet but please keep us posted.

I have had this issue on Tablo (I run Roku 7x), but I also have had it with other Roku apps - most notably Bloomberg.

Please add me to the list of those who are seeing this problem with pause. I have a Roku3 with OS7. After a few minutes (or sometimes seconds), a paused program - either live TV or a recording - will start playing. Most recently, a recording unpaused itself after only a few seconds of “pause”. I experienced this both before and after updating Tablo to 2.2.8.

Tried a test this morning: I turned on Tablo Live TV and paused it. Less than 3 minutes later, the pause cancelled itself. Next, I rebooted the Roku, then repeated. This time the pause lasted a little longer, maybe 8 minutes, before it cancelled itself again.

I have NOT seen this on any other Roku channels (Hulu and PBS Kids).

Is everyone experiencing this also using third-party remotes with their Rokus? (like Harmony etc.)

I am using the Harmony Home remote with the Harmony hub.

Happens for me using Roku remote (Roku stick).

Happens using the roku remote.

Hey folks - Our Roku gurus are on this now. Will update when we have an ETA on a fix.

Great to hear. Thanks.

Hey everyone - Upon further review of Roku’s documentation, our experts have found that this is a limitation of the Roku platform.

Roku devices don’t have an infinite buffer for LIVE streams. What this means is that while you’re watching live TV, Roku will keep requesting segments of the playlist until its pause buffer is full, then it will automatically resume while it dumps the old segments from the buffer to make room for the new ones.

Those streaming at higher resolutions (like 10 Mbps) will see a shorter time window between the pause and the buffer overflowing (2-3 minutes) vs. a lower stream (3 Mbps) where it will be between 20-30 minutes.

Since we cannot control Roku’s root behavior, it’s not possible to generate a fix for this. The only recommendation is to move to a lower recording quality if you need longer than 3 minutes to run to the restroom.

This makes sense to me as I have experienced the same ROKU behavior (unwanted unpausing) on the Bloomberg app (also a LIVE stream).

Now new urgency (unpausing of ROKU) attaches to the off-color phrase “. . . . or get off the pot.”

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May be worth updating Tablo documentation to explain this so you don’t get frustrated users blaming Tablo?

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I wasn’t actually watching a live show. I was watching a show that was currently being recorded, on a delay. Like the show started recording at 7:00 PM and I clicked Play on the recording at around 7:10 PM.

It was happening to me about 3-4 minutes into the show.

I’ve had my Tablo for well over a year and this only started happening within the past few weeks.

It’s possible that Roku still treats this as a ‘live’ playlist though because there’s no end point.

I haven’t seen this behavior on my Roku with other apps. For example, I’m able to pause an Acorn show indefinitely. Or when using Roku Media Player for a movie I can pause without an automatic play after X minutes.