Pause/ restart live issues on Apple TV

Anyone else having issues with Apple TV and Tablo where you pause live programming and it doesn’t allow you to start up where you paused? Goes straight back to live TV position. I also can’t rewind a live not recording program I’ve been on for a good deal of time or recording program I am watching live. I can get it to work for a little while if I restart the Tablo, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a DVR if I miss the recording due to restarting. Setup is 4 tuner Tablo-wired, Mohu sky, Seagate Expansion 5TB hard drive.

I too, am having these same issues. Watching live TV, pause it, and when starting it again, it goes to the live TV position instead of the original paused point. I’m also unable to rewind or fast forward live TV at all, yet it works fine on all the other Apple TV apps. My setup is a 4 tuner Tablo, WD 2TB hard drive, hard wired connection to my router.

Voice commands seem to work to rewind, but pausing should be easy restart where I left and not jump back to live action and be forced to use voice to rewind where I was at.

This is a known issue with the new TVOS update and the current Tablo firmware. We’ll be releasing a firmware update soon to address this. A beta is available now, send a ticket to our support team if you’d like early access.

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Looks like the last activity poster was way back in October. I am also having this problem, as well as an issue when skipping forward during playback of a recorded program, playback freezes and tablo becomes unresponsive. 4 tuner tablo, 2TB WD HDD, Apple TV 4, gigabit Ethernet wired connection.


So I was about to make a new post but found this old post. Per @TabloSupport last update they are aware of the issue and working on a firmware upgrade. This was back in October 2016. We are now almost a year later and I can tell you I have the same issue.

Watching live TV, if I pause live TV for a short time, say a quick trip to the bathroom, and I come back it is fine. I hit play and it picks up where it left off. If I pause live TV for a longer amount of time, like take a phone call, it does not pick up where it left off. When I hit play, it will start playing from the current (real) time. Now I am able to rewind back to my original pause point but that’s sort of a pain. I haven’t tested it out enough to know where the threshold is but it does seem Tablo forgets where I paused it if I take too long. I have plenty of space on my HD (only using about 1% of 1 TB) so that shouldn’t be the cause.

So I don’t know what firmware upgrade Tablo was working on but I can confirm the issue still exists on the most current firmware today.

Oh, FYI…I am using a FireTV box not Apple TV. Maybe Tablo fixed the issue on the Apple TV app.

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I am having the same issue with my Fire TV. Pause Live Tv…wait 5-10 min and press play and it starts at the Live TV point (not where i paused). I am able to rewind to go back but its a guessing game at that point. I opened a ticket today but waiting to hear back

Hey - seems like this old bug has come back again. Any other AppleTV folks having this issue?

I use the Apple TV 4K no issue works great it’s my main device I use in my living room TV, faster than my other device roku and fire tv all my device are all hard wire via cat5e all 5 TV’s and one desktop PC even the Tablo is hard wire on the router only use wireless on dell laptop and Ipad4

I’m having it too. I was going to submit a ticket but I can’t figure out what I’m doing to cause it or how to replicate it.