Out of home steaming coming to 4th gen

Look like we might be able to stream out side the home with the new 4th gen tablo.



When will it be able to stream inside the home?


IMHO, really bad conclusions from disjoint items being made here.


I’m with ya there. Trying to cram 15 services into one device where it only partially works instead of specializing in a couple of them and perfecting them…

So many great features these Tablos try to have. But they don’t work properly and it becomes frustrating and overwhelming for the user. I can only imagine the developer/engineer banging her head against the wall trying to figure out how they’re going to get everything working together, AND adding more features.

As it is now, when one update fixes something, a new major bug is introduced. I’ve only watched about 20 minutes of Tablo today with the way it continues to buffer (nonstop since this latest firmware update, and if I’m alone in this, so be it, but it’s ruining my day!)

I’d like Tablo to get the TVOS app out for the AppleTV users before they lose them. Apple can be an ecosystem many are not willing to deviate from.

Legacy gateway products record HLS H.264. The tech specs for many apple products only list h.264 and HEVC video support - not MPEG2(h.262). So why would users locked into the apple echo system be surprised when they buy a product that outputs MPEG2 and have some issues.

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There are many Apple users that just expect things to work. And if it doesn’t, then they feel it isn’t worth their time. They just want a simple, good looking product, and they want it to run every app imaginable. Many people don’t understand how to use very similar systems that are outside of their normal uses. They just know that what they have, they like, and they want it to work.

If a company can’t be cross-platform, they can really lose out. As an example, I just canceled my cable TV because their app only works on TVOS and Roku.

Pretty much anything can be streamed via ChromeCast or Apple AirPlay – Tablo 4th gen included. But it’s awkward and clumsy, the video usually looks for crap or has sound issues, and it can be a lot for someone to learn.

It sounds like Tablo wants new users, and it looks like their new user base doesn’t have the same technical background as those at the ground floor. I can handle a lot of the annoying quirks that pop up with this 4th gen, but I can’t recommend it to my 70 year old mother. I’d be over there every day sorting something out for her!

MPEF2(H.262), HG.264, and HEVC are cross platform technologies. If you pay a premium price for a type of product(tablet) you would think a customer would read the tech specs.

And I’n older then your mother.

Video Playback

Supported formats include HEVC and H.264
Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 content

There’s been a role reversal. If you’re Gen-X or earlier, sure, your “folks” didn’t understand tech. But now it’s the other way around. So saying “I’m older than your mother”, just means you’re tech savvy.

I may be. But I can still read. If the product states it outputs MPEG2 I better make sure I have a device that can play MPEG2. I also have ATSC 3.0 and I made sure I had a device that can play AC-4.

My point is, you knew to check for that. Because it was in your nature to check. Because you know what it takes to make things work.

It had nothing to do with “nature”. Tablo explicitedly stated it output MPEG2. It didn’t say trust me it will work on all devices. Regardless of brand or device age.

I also know MPEG2 is a 25+ years old video compression technology.


And even if newer generations don’t dig into hardware specifications, they’ll likely do online research to see if it meets their needs. Most people just want to plop down in front of their TV and relax, they have no idea what their devices are capable of.

It’s awesome that you understand what the AppleTV or Tablo can do, and you’ve researched this extensively so you can share with us what it is you know. I appreciate it and know that you are the perfect person to go to for these type of questions.

In this 25 year old technology statement, though, I’m unsure if you’re blaming Apple for moving forward, or Tablo for holding onto the past!

While I would enjoy having Out of Home streaming, Tablo’s support articles explain why we don’t currently have it is due to the need to transcode shows on the fly.

Why Doesn’t the 4th Generation Tablo Support Tablo Connect (Out-of-Home Streaming)?

One of the Tablo features not supported on the new 4th generation Tablo device is Tablo Connect for out-of-home streaming.

This is because the technology in the new Tablo device is different than the legacy network-connected Tablo devices.

Tablo Connect Requires Real-Time Transcoding

Legacy network-connected Tablo units transcode all live TV and recordings in real-time at several different video quality and bandwidth settings. There is also a secondary Tablo Connect quality setting that will tell the Tablo to re-transcode content to even lower quality for remote streaming if needed.

This ensures that you can get a smooth stream at almost any connection speed.

The new Tablo device however streams and records everything in full MPEG2 quality. This creates a fairly large and bandwidth-heavy file.

Most modern home networks can handle streaming this content between rooms. However, streaming such a large video file over a mobile network is more difficult and may result in a poor experience.

Additionally, without real-time transcoding, there is no way for a user to adjust to a lower bandwidth on the fly with the 4th generation Tablo.

This is the same reason why Tablo Connect is not supported on TV-connected legacy Tablo devices.

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Until they bring their version of out-of-home access to the new Tablo v4, I was able to use my iPad from another family members home over 100 miles away with my iPad connected to my GL.iNet OpenVPN (TCP) connection to my place where the Tablo v4 is located to watch stuff from the Tablo v4 remotely for now. It seemed to work OK, but that was before all of the recent software and firmware updates.

PEG2 streaming remotely does not seem likely. Scheduling recordings remotely sounds possible.

Can you imagine upstream internet of mpeg YouZiSP will think you are running as server

IMHO, this is actually “outside of tech”. This one is … uh… well, not sure what to call it. Arbitrary “style” of broadcasters and their need for “absolute control”. I have no great love of broadcasters. It was “they” that coerced SCOTUS to declare “transcoding” the same thing as a “rebroadcast”. Which is just wrong, if not downright evil. I can pretty much say that everything you don’t like about the future of NextgenTV and just freedom over DVR of broadcast… it’s “them” and “not us” that is making war.

Right now, they’ve stood firm not willing to work with the consumer. It’s hard to imagine them giving up their pride. So, for now, I hope they lose and lose big. Very big.


You can say that again!!!


Omg, thats hysterical! Sad but true, first time buyer here & it feels like watching the 3 stooges… not supposed to b like this, i certainly wont b getting 3.0 from them like this

With all the profit Apple makes off of their over priced products what would it take for apple to distribute and support the MPEG2(H.262) codec.

Of course Apple does jump through hoops to keep their ecosystem closed. You have to love their proprietary charging systems.