OS X Ripper Software

OS X users,

What are you using to rip your content and get it into Plex? What have you had the most luck with?

Any process tweaks etc that have helped?

Tablo Exporter is what you should look at.

Not the simplest thing to set up, but does an excellent job writing out to Plex format (keeps those shows and seasons well organized).

Look in the forums, there is a long thread on it.


Yup its the best.

Thx guys, I was having trouble sorting through the different names of software.

if you are looking for something more automated / command line ish you could try SurLaTablo.py (its a python script)… I personally havent as I dont have a need or desire to download ALL recordings … just specific shows as I desire … so the GUI for Tablo Exporter is perfect.

Tablo Exporter is Java based right?

Yep, which is one of the reasons that it is not the easiest thing to set up.

The other is that it uses another 3rd party executable (ffmpeg) to do the heavy lifting of getting files off the Tablo disk. The most common problem is that user fail to grab a compatible executable and point the Tablo Exporter to it properly before trying to export (see the thread).

thx. Setup shouldn’t be a problem. (tech savvy)

I have avoided Java and Flash where possible… Might have to bite the bullet here tho.

Put a VM on your mac or maybe boot camp and install windows 10. Microsoft is giving it away free. All you need is a free microsoft account and join microsoft’s insider program. Then you can use Tablo Ripper and everything can be setup to run automatically.


Thats a bit overkill just to run one program. Bootcamp requires you “reboot into windows” and its not really convenient just to run one program (imagine if you had to boot your windows machine into linux)…

Rebooting your Windows machine into Linux is an improvement in my world.

Which is why I said VM first. All of my computers have VM’s installed, both Linux machines and Windows machines. There is always a reason to have VM’s in my world.


Thanks guys but between Windows and Java, I think I’ll go with Java :grinning:

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I wont argue with you @ddd671

Is it normal for ep 10 of a series to not export with the rest?

Two different shows now I have had to separate ep 10 out to export separately. No big deal, it works by itself but odd.

This is awesome, I can’t stop building my Plex library.

I’m about to start using SimpleMovieX to crop ads. Any better suggestions to remove the commercials? Im exporting out of the tablo as mp4

HA! Gotchya!


I really wish the mac had a better auto commercial removal tool… I know some people have wine-wrapped (eg wineskin) one of the windows commercial removal programs (forget the name of it) as to allow it to run on OSX

I know you might hate windows, but you can have it for free with a free vm. Would solve all your problems, fast, quick and in a hurry.


SimpleMovieX caused the sound to get out of sync. Might have to leave the ads until I find a good solution.