Open Letter To @TabloTV Regarding Current Firmware Issues

The latest firmware updates (2.2.2 & more specifically 2.2.6) have introduced a number of negative performance issues to my Tablo experience (and to that of a number of community members).
Most notably to my experience:

  • Roku “official” app takes multiple minutes to load Recordings screen and extremely long times to then launch a selected recording from the main Recordings screen.
  • Roku “Preview” app takes 30 seconds to load Recordings screen (which is 4 to 6 times longer than it used to).
  • All Roku apps have long delay in starting recording after a FFW or RW activity. The amount of time varies from what was normal previously (pretty fast) to multiple seconds (pretty slow), to just stalling for indefinite periods.
  • Loading Please Wait is now present on almost all recordings. Prior to 2.2.2 this error didn’t exist. With 2.2.2 it was primarily a function of playback of 720p/60fps recordings. With 2.2.6 it occurs occasionally with ALL recordings and 720p/60fps recordings are basically un-watchable due to the high frequency of this error.
  • Fire TV app Recordings screen is blank when returning back to it after watching or deleting a recording
  • Tablo randomly goes into error state of “No Tuner Available” resulting in failed recordings and the inability to tune any channel - requiring a reboot (or two) to get Tablo to work properly again.

Once upon a time I had months of uninterrupted service from my Tablo - now I’m surprised if it makes it through a day without some major hiccup.
If my experience is a lone case of a defective Tablo unit, great. Reading through this forum for the past few weeks suggests that isn’t the case. And please, with sugar on top, don’t tell me it’s my network.

Can Nuvyyo please provide a comprehensive plan to address the current crop of issues that have come up since the major Tablo firmware re-write? I can only imagine you are working on these issues, but I can’t find anything published that tracks the bugs with any official statement of how/when they are being addressed and some issues have been going on for multiple months. In my humble opinion, a centralized bug tracker would seem to be in order at this point vs. occasional responses to forum posts.
Thank you for all you have done so far and wishing for Nuvyyo’s and Tablo’s great success.


Please add on top of that the failure of the resume function on the Nexus Player and Fire TV (2nd gen). Even if I select the “restart from xx:xx:xx” option during play back of a record program, it always starts from beginning. (Some users reported that it does not happen on the 1st gen Fire TV.) Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.

@ChrisFix, I assume you have all of this documented in a trouble ticket? If not, I highly suggest you do so.

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