Only in Las Vegas


You can’t. All you can do is to point in a general direction and say “I’ll take one of those, and one of those and a few of those”. They also have excellent coffee, espresso and other beverage offerings.


Yeah that’s it! Why do you have to rub it in so much? Last time I was there gosh at least 6 mos ago. There’s always a long line and I don’t care. Bring something back for me.


Best I’ve ever had was from the Aria bakery. Costco croissants are huge, big enough to make a sandwich with.


We slice them in half and toast them inside a toaster-oven for 3 minutes. We put a poached egg on top of one of the slices. On the other slice we add cream cheese with strawberry jam. Eat each half separately since the crosissants are that big. First the egg slice then the jam one. Good breakfast. Sometimes we make Bearnaise sauce to pour over the poached egg croissant.

With a good cup of coffee…:grinning:


Saved one for you. A Raspberry, Chocolate Torte’ Cheesecake mini, and if you can get this much pleasure for just nine bucks you are in the right place.

Brought this back to my room. They give you real silverware with this, housekeeping picks it up in the morning. Evidently, to use plastic fork with pastry of this magnitude would be some kind of insult. This equivocates to about four or five bites.


That sounds great!


That is decadent. Anything they make with chocolate in it is way rich and strong especially the torte. Guess that’s why they taste so good.


It’s one bite, just one.


Yep! That’s me.


What I want to know is if the Tablo is still in the airport Best Buy kiosk.


I want to know if it’s now stocking the Quad.


Anything is possible in Vegas.


But if it stays in Vegas??..


No longer there, it was one of the first things I checked once landed at McCarran. Perhaps because of the $99 sale? Or for some other reason. I did notice that the range of items was very different than last month, I suppose they probably rotate product quite a bit.


Possibly, but I’d need at least a half gallon of milk to wash that down.


“Went to a garden party, to reminisce with my old friends”

Nothing like a little party to liven up your life, you’ve got to love Vegas.


Holy snikies did you get out alive?


We did. After some considerable effort. Reply edited to reflect your edited question