Only in Las Vegas


I’m sure they’re out here on the strip somewhere, at least in spirit. We’re trying to conjure them up right now.


Know what you mean…left Illinois for the same reasons


Yeah, I know we’re a bunch of whiners as back east they’ve gotten pounded. :wink: But this truly is the coldest, wettest February I can recall in my 15 years here. Strange weather all around. Still don’t regret moving for a second.

I have to take something of an exception to your North Las Vegas statement awhile back. While the areas you mentioned are real problems, much of North Las Vegas has now expanded to the North (NLV goes up past the Speedway) and is pretty nice. North of Craig isn’t bad, North of Ann is better and North of Centennial better still. It’s the gritty inner city that is the real dump and most dangerous, which is the case in many aging cities. At least that’s been my experience.

Oh, and I cannot believe what houses in the inner city area (the ones you mentioned) are priced at. It’s nuts, $200k+ for 1100 sq. ft., bars on the windows, no garage, no landscaping, surrounded by other dumps, most likely gang ridden, especially at night. Even when I moved here a little before the housing bubble burst, it wasn’t that way.

Sorry to digress.


think you’re confusing me with ben1 who posted about North Las Vegas. And yes we are a bunch of whiners…lol


Absolutely, only in Vegas … a guy at the rental car company offered us $150 for my Echo Auto device (what???). I told him clearly, that I’d paid $25 for it, that it was three months old. Knowing that, he held firm on his offer. Is this guy crazy?


That’s enough for a couple of nice hula hoops. Heck, we can even splurge on a reflective Polypro or Luna LED hoop (or two). So I forked over the Echo Auto device & considered it an omen as to our luck and good fortune. Yes, you’ve gotta love this town.


Echo auto is only being sold by invitation only by Amazon a lot of people are waiting simple supply and demand that raise the price up there’s one on ebay already at $162 and still have more than a day left of bidding, people don’t realize you can us an Echo input the same way.


In my view, those people (and this guy in Vegas) are of questionable sanity. Paying over $150 for a $25 device, which in this case was three-months used. Just don’t get it. Not complaining though, as this one worked out rather nicely.


Last day in Vegas, and all of it’s colorful people. Putting in a plug for Kendra, she lost her job at the Luxor after five years of dedicated labor, now works at the Second Street Grill (what a step down!). So if you happen to stop by, please shower the people with generous tips (she needs them).

I spend about half of my life in this town, yet never grow tired of it. There’s probably five or six hours of new material on the Tablo when I get back to PNW later this week. And yes, I need a life.